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  1. 1 Hutchinson 2 Gardner 3 Walker 4 Kayvon 5 Ekwonu 6 Willis 7 Johnson 8 Wilson 9 Neal 10 London 11 Hamilton 12 Stingley 13 Cross 14 Mcduffie 15 Olave 16 Penning 17 Davis 18 Dean 19 Williams 20 Pickett 21 Lloyd 22 Watson 23 Burks 24 Ebiketie 25 Hill 26 Dotson 27 Wyatt 28 Johnson 29 Booth 30 Karlaftis 31 Linderbaum 32 Cine 33 Green 34 Ojabo 35 Elam 36 Pitre 37 Brisker 38 Hall 39 Gordon 40 Ridder 41 Walker 42 Raimann 43 Mafe 44 Jones 45 Tindall 46 Winfrey 47 Pickens 48 Smith 49 Corral 50 Moore 51 Jackson 52 Metchie 53 Pierce 54 Hall 55 Mcreary 56 Lucas 57 Walker 58 Anderson 59 Sanders 60 Strange 61 Taylor Britt 62 Tolbert 63 Dulchich 64 McBride
  2. If the draft fell this way, and the Jets traded back into the 1st, I'd take Lewis Cine over the center.
  3. I’ll say it, I think yankees should trade aaron judge. Sooner they do it more they’ll get.
  4. Probably because I'd say there are 10 other tight ends I'd take before him. No 1st round blue chip prospects, but it's a deep TE class.
  5. Well.. I just strongly disagree with that. What does Wilson do that's elite?
  6. you're high if you think Jameson Williams will be still on board in 2nd round.
  7. ACL injuries in 2022 should not lead to a drop off that big. He'll be a steal for someone. I'd take him at 10. Worth it than getting a inferior player.
  8. or next years draft class when they have 2 first rounders to dangle
  9. Dumb uniformed post. I wanted Hill as bad as anyone, and so did Joe Douglas. Hill used the Jets to get more money out of Miami the only team he was gonna sign an extension with. It's clear as day.
  10. No they don’t, they just can’t field a good team with 2 players taken up such a large % of their cap space. If tua ever has to be paid like Mahomes the dolphins will have same issue
  11. Joe Douglas. Our Mr. Conservative Penny Pinching general manager badly wanted Tyreek Hill. He was willing to trade the draft picks and give the wideout a huge contract. Why? Because he knew it would give this rebuild and his young QB’s development a bolt of lighting. but sure...”blessing in disguise” I swear some Jets fans would love to be in rebuild mode forever.
  12. Atlanta is most likely taking a WR before our 10 pick
  13. What is Indy doing? Going from Wentz to Matt Ryan is a big win.
  14. Because he’s vet who showed last year (800+ yards) he can still play. Lol at any jets fans thinking we’re too good for AJ Green
  15. Doesn't make sense for the Jets spend big on another veteran WR when we have Cory Davis. Jets will be drafting a WR in 1st round this year. Would still bring in a cheaper veteran like say A.J. Green.
  16. None of this sh*t matters until we see him on the field and stay on the field.
  17. you can see Metlife Stadium from Manhattan high rises.
  18. I wouldn't ban this dude... someone over at Mets Refuses said something similar got banned and then he DDos'd the site.
  19. I can see MetLife Stadium from my work field office at WTC in lower Manhattan. How do you know I live in NJ?
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