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  1. Some people just love drinking the kool-aid. I'm more of a show me first type of person. He hasn't done anything in this league to deserve anything more than that.
  2. there's very little evidence he's a good head coach. I'm thankful he's partly responsible for the front office shake up, but that doesn't change my view of his coaching ability. I don't understand how people can say he's unproven. He's not a rookie HC. Under his watch the Dolphins where a mediocre to bad football team.
  3. Brandon Marshall had the best WR season in team history. 109 REC 1,502 YDS 14 TD (tied with Don Maynard, Art Powell) All 3 are single season records. Aa
  4. Tyler Durden

    2019 Yankees

    The only difference right now between the Mets and the Yankees is Brian Cashman. Hal Steinbrenner is a freaking bean counter.
  5. Tyler Durden

    2019 Yankees

    He's better than Happ and CC. Germen is also on an innings limit. Severino we can't rely on. Signing Keuchel is a no brainer. Unless you're telling Scherzer is available, you won't get anyone better via trade. I'd prefer to keep the assets and sign Keuchel.
  6. shut down the forum, we have nothing to discuss
  7. I like Darnold, but =I think anyone who would prefer Darnold over Baker is silly.
  8. Not impressed with him, someone better will be cut in the summer
  9. He was criminally underused in the passing game. He’s not just a blocking tight end.
  10. You can’t look at numbers with this kid he is a very late bloomer. WV only scratched the surface.

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