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  1. I think it's been longer than 8 years. More like 20 years it seems
  2. I miss that floating head wizard thing he used to do and the pump you up guy.
  3. I would say Pete Nice. Sucks they didn't record more albums together, but you take a track like "Word to the Third" and you can only be just amazed at the flow he had way back in '91. Doesn't even sound corny either like what you hear by the typical white rapper today.
  4. If I had a house big enough I'd house all you guys for the weekend
  5. This years draft was weak in comparison to last year and the year before. Getting Sanchez was the biggest splash in the draft this season and it was made by us. At least we can get over the fact that we had a hole at QB and can focus on building around the young guns. So yeah, I like it.
  6. I think guys react worse to a girl lying to them than the opposite way around. But that's just me...
  7. Achilles

    Fu Manchu

    Lots of good Stoner Rock bands out there besides them too. ATP, Halfway to Gone, Sheavy, The Sword, Dozer, Five Horse Johnson....the genre is amazing
  8. Achilles

    The Hangover

    Ha I saw a cameo from the Dan Band in that clip. The movie will be great now
  9. One's an ass, the other one has been molding prep kids into NBA stars and has turned around USA basketball. They're both great coaches, but that's where the similarities end.
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