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  1. That is a legendary show. I saw The Clash at Bond's Disco (the old Bond's Department Store in Times Square) on opening night. Wall to wall people to where it was actually scary. The NYCFD shut down the rest of the nights because there was only one exit. I still remember the late Joe Strummer (one of the best rock names, right?) being an incredible showman.
  2. Speaking of great ones, I was searching through some Led Zeppelin material the other day and, by accident, found this interview with Jimmy Page. It's a treasure trove of background information on the making of their various records. It's a fun read. But because of its length, I'll just post the link below. http://www.iem.ac.ru/zeppelin/docs/interviews/page_93.gw
  3. About as raw as emotion in music gets. Boy, does that still rock or what?
  4. So you're going to spin this as not being personal again? This is the third or fourth thread where you have taken this aggressive posture with me. Just admit that you're shilling for someone else and I can at least regard you as an insect. Guys, I haven't been back on JN very long, so please bear with me. I don't want to fight or derail this thread, but simian dildo keeps instigating. I've never had a stalker before. I have no idea if "Integrity" is a respected poster here or held in any regard other than as a self-aggrandising troll. I remember the guy as a foppish "Dr. Zaiu
  5. Thank you, Mr. Churchill. I will block out some time to check out the live performance in the first video. Good Lord, no. You must have freaked. Sorry about your loss.
  6. Absolutely. It's like an "arm rest' for balls.
  7. You know I have always been a big fan of your work. You have really captured some magic on this rendition. Very emotional. Kudos on the choice of song. I haven't heard that one in a long time. Also, I don't remember you having that 12 string. You are so "in the pocket" on this one. It's one of my favorite strums. Unlike you, I don't have your relentless professional chops. Well done, and thanks for sharing your great gift.
  8. In real life as well as cyber space, folks like you exist. With their words or actions, trolls who suck the life out everything they touch. As an example, look at what you have done to this thread just to promote your agenda. Write what you you want about me or my posts. It will not mean less than nothing as I do not respect you.
  9. So, again, that's not confrontational, right? Anyone thinking men on this site post images of beautiful women to "passively give boners" is clearly projecting their wish. Best of luck in your marriage. At least be honest. Clearly, you have some issue with me. That's fine. I could at least respect your point of view. Check PMs. (Just kidding.)
  10. I'll give it one more shot. I'm not saying anyone knew Hernandez would murder. What I am saying is that he had character issues, the most prominent being his affiliation/membership in a Bristol, CT gang. Again, my point is that--IMO--the Patriots, and their owner, should have seen these red flags, especially as they purport themselves as leaving no stone unturned when it comes to their organization. In this case, they missed the boat. IMO, over the coming days/weeks, you will see a growing number of teammates and others give examples of Hernandez as a cheap thug.
  11. It's his shtick. Who are we to question where one finds one's existence?
  12. I disagree. So does Matt Light. Former Patriots tackle Matt Light, who retired after the 2011 season, said he never embraced anything Aaron Hernandez stood for. What he meant, we're not sure. Light, speaking to the Dayton Daily News, played two years with Hernandez, so he got a chance to see him up close. What's more, the usually good-natured Light is not known to criticize, much less comment, on former teammates or other players. He tells the Daily News: “I never talk about other guys, but I will say I have never embraced -- never believed in -- anything Aaron Hernandez stood for." L
  13. Time to invest in a reading comprehension course. Also, why so caustic in your tone and words? You can't have a discussion without calling folks dumb, etc? My point is that Kraft--through his internal/external sources--must have had knowledge of Hernandez' past as a gang member when they extended his contract. I'm not blaming Kraft for the murders. Rather, that he took a chance on a guy who had a shady past and so now loses his aura as an owner who never does anything wrong.
  14. Instead of a bubble. I would be in favor of putting all those guys in a balloon bound for Oz. JAG central.
  15. Just found the shot of the INT in Super Bowl III. Great play, Jim. You live on in imortality and the hearts of all us Jet fans who remember watching that day.
  16. Someone's gotta "answer for Santino". That someone: Kraft. No way I believe he and the organization were unaware of this murderous scumbag's past when they extended Hernandez.
  17. Right now, there is no doubt in my mind that police will eventually reveal that Hernandez is affiliated with a known gang. It would explain the execution style murder(s).
  18. You guys do the Jazzy parade. That truly is a spirited event.
  19. And "demons roughage and nutrients".
  20. LOL! No doubt, it would have ben breathtaking. Look, I'm not saying it's likely that BG314's bung hole would meet with a Renaissance master's approving eye. But, as patrons of the arts, we must give him the opportunity to flaunt his wares.
  21. Me, either. But, we have all still marveled at Michelangelo's "David".
  22. Normally, I would agree. But, in good conscience, I cannot stifle an artist from his free expression.
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