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  1. Thanks for everything, Joe. See my post.

  2. Will you please let the conspiracy theory thing go already? LOL. Read my explanation in the thread. Hope to see you on another board some day.

  3. Thanks for the rep, VG.

  4. Yeah, Burgess rocks. Take care of your eyes, young man. We need your vision to lead the revolution.

  5. Thanks, War. Glad you have been exposed to a brilliant/visionary writer like Orwell. Have you read any Anthony Burgess?

  6. There is plenty of free literature and references from the library and through the Adirondack Park Agency. http://www.adkvic.org/newsletter.html http://www.apa.state.ny.us/

  7. She is and hot as well. No joke, she also thought you were in great shape "with a tiny waist". But didn't want me to include that in my message for fear of coming off as a "stalker". Maybe I can get this threesome thing worked out after all.

  8. When an argument fails, the easiest course is backwards.

  9. Because she is constantly hounding me about our chaste, yet somehow sexual relationship, MrsBorgoguy wanted to see what you looked like. Seriously, I was talking about the histrionics of last week and she wanted to see the main protagonist. She loves the fact that you put "ULB" as your sig. I think it's beyond uppity and offends me to no end.

  10. If you haven't already, get yourself a good book on the history and trails of the Adirondack Park. There are some portions which look as they did in the 1800s, and where you can hike without seeing another human being for days. Back in the day, I studied and hiked in many parts of the Adirondack Park. As you said, it's one of the most beautiful places on earth. Most folks think of New York as New York City. They have no idea of the beautiful wilderness that exists upstate. Thank God they had the foresight to designate it as forever wild.

  11. I'm really glad you had a great time. I miss being up there. In college days (this weekend was my 30 year reunion, but I didn't go. 30 years? F**k!), I had friends who lived in Saranac Lake. What an awesome town. I also had buddies near Blue Mountain Lake (truly God's country) and Tupper Lake. I think you have inspired me to take my wife and son up for a weekend.

  12. Thank you. Coming from an afficionado such as you, that means a great deal. Have a great weekend.

  13. All is well. Welcome to JetNation. You know what's funny? I was on JI yesterday, which I hadn't been for quite a while. Have an awesome weekend.

  14. Max is just busting balls. It is his calling. Thanks for the rep, BTW.

  15. We have no access to the Mod Lounge, right?

  16. Yes. He's goofing around.

  17. I do not. Max has been f**king around moving it. I could usually find it by using the search feature, but came up empty just now.

  18. You're most welcome. I hear the Doll House puts out a great spread.

  19. You sent me those two links. It was just a joke.

  20. Thanks, Arsis. Now there goes the rest of my day.

  21. Thank you for the rep, Crush.

  22. I can't wait for the first home game. Especially with Rex there now, people are going to go insane.

  23. I nominated your thread for POTW. Really clever/funny idea.

  24. Thanks, EY. Have an awesome day.

  25. Good morning. I just read in someone's post that Gainzo got banned for an interaction with you. If this is correct, what thread? I hope this has not caused you more trauma.

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