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  1. Absolutely no disrespect meant. I just did not connect with TDKR. Seriously, IMO, it needed an hour's worth of editing. As for Snyder, I loved Watchmen (a true classic in the genre) and, except for the gorgeous chicks in the flick, thought Sucker Punch was a joke. Like you, I'll go see Man of Steel.
  2. I want guitarist Gretchen Menn for Father's Day.
  3. Music begins at approx. 1:13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAT8JzbakNA
  4. Not to disparage anyone who liked the film, but I thought Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises was both a disaster (story/acting) and disappointment (almost every other aspect of the film from its horrendous casting to the comically awful "villain"). Nolan needs to step back from the accolades. That said, I'm hoping this new Superman flick does with us fans.
  5. Pac, I'm a Superman fan since reading the comics in the 60s. But, this new flick looks like a crap box.
  6. Word took me back to when passages of books were expunged, which i feel is myopic at best. Veracity
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