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  1. No. We don't focus on spoken word pieces in this thread. LOL. What's up, SoFla? I don't recall the video. Hope I gave you a favorable review. You know I dig the material you and your son create.
  2. In terms of improvisation, there will never be anyone better.
  3. Just clicked on your thread and am absolutely stunned. Winters is one of my comedy idols. He was an absolute genius and decades ahead of anyone, especially in terms of improvisation and outright lunatic fringe humor. RIP to a true comedy giant. He will be missed.
  4. Right? Showed it to my wife who fell in love with the adorable kid.
  5. As you will need to feed the contractors, I am willing to assist you with hiring, and training, of the kitchen and wait staff.
  6. I haven't been around these parts for a while. So, help me out. Will these images of my future wife, Denise Milani, pass muster? Just askin'.
  7. Brilliant writer, critic, and TV personality. His show with Gene Siskel was always a must watch before venturing out to the movies. RIP.
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