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  1. Why? Maybe the kid is a natural ass model. For all we know, he has the Mona Lisa of rump holes.
  2. Make sure you freshen up thoroughly, then lotion lightly for image resolution.
  3. LOl. It's a good line anyway. As for my wife, I'm lucky. I married well. Together since 1982 and we still have fun.
  4. Absolutely. The friggin' weeds are relentless.
  5. Hi, Bob. Their Kölsch is fantastic. Haven't bought this year's sampler. In the past, I have enjoyed all the Saranac brews except for the blueberry blonde ale. It just fought with my palate. Sounds like a fun birthday. You have found yourself a keeper. Congratulations on the impending nuptials. Yeah, you cannot go wrong with any of the Captain Lawrence beers. For me, all are very well crafted.
  6. I can only imagine his Brazilian in-laws looking at that display of girlish hoofing. That entire culture is based on rhythmic excellence, and that's who Jizzelle brings home? Good Lord.
  7. LOL. I'm thinking "guest choreographer" on So You Think You Can Dance. Nigel, Mary, and Mia gush effusively.
  8. Sanchez is quietly becoming the biggest quiff in the NFL. (Assuming Kerry Rhodes is retired.)
  9. I'm blanking on this one. What's it from?
  10. Too bad. They were both not only physically attractive, but also great posters.
  11. Back in the day, I had all Frampton's solo records. Extolling his greatness was a hard sell before Frampton Come Alive. This one is such a beautiful song. Gorgeous solo. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJbOOlX5qGQ
  12. What I've been saying. I need a heavy, clothing optional, dose of Verde and DLJ. Want to play word association with afo, etc...
  13. Here's the link: http://www.shopsundek.com/en/man/beachwear/boardshort/?RwGal=true&nodi_ID=9161&language=1 As I said, they are no longer inexpensive.
  14. LOL. Maybe we could send over a bucket or two of spit from the gang here at Jet Nation.com?
  15. Mike, instead of using spit, go spend $1.99 on a small spray bottle. Probably uses doodie as hair mousse.
  16. I've been partial to Sundek for decades. I remember when they were unique, and about a fourth of the price. Also found some pretty good, everyday, ones on sale through Land's End. They were like $23/pair.
  17. LMAO! That's a sick shot.
  18. I'm thin (6'/160ish). I have worn surfer's trunks since the 70s. Just joined my town pool. I am praying there are a.) tons of hot young women/MILFs, and b.) no guys of significant girth sporting Speedos.
  19. Peter O'Toole is one of my cinematic gods (sic). If you have not seen it, his performance as a film director in The Stunt Man is incredible. There are so many classic lines in this vastly underrated flick. But my favorite lies in his diatribe after an assistant director decides to call "cut" on his set. O'Toole: "In 22 seconds I could break your f**king spine...pinch your head off like a f**king insect..." EDIT: ***NSFW***
  20. The beginning of Alec Baldwin's speech (steak knives/you're fired) is one of the all time great lines. This is another of those movies which I could watch non-stop.
  21. During the warmer months, I throttle down on my red wine consumption, preferring a cool white varietal or a refreshing rosé. I like the acidic bite of sauvignon blanc, so am chilling a bottle of this New Zealander for later: I love that the New Zealand wine producers have gone almost exclusively to screw tops, even for their top end wines. I hate opening a bottle only to find that the wine has picked up an off taste from a bad cork. In a perfect world, all wines would have screw tops.
  22. Where do you get the Narragansett? I've only had it whilst up in Rhode Island. Also: They're advertising the heck out of that Summer Shandy. What's that like? Lemonade? Are they the new coated aluminum cans? Heard the coated cans are even better than bottles in keeping the beer's integrity and freshness.
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