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  1. Bertolucci's "The Last Emperor". With the unbelievable array of stunning Asian women--Joan Chen, Maggie Han, Vivian Wu, amongst others--this brilliant film inspired me to take more of an "inward journey" with my wife.
  2. Since you have eclectic musical taste, you might appreciate "Butcher Baby" by The Plasmatics. Released in 1980 on "New Hope for the Wretched", this tune still maintains its power and raw energy. (RIP, Wendy.) Here's the only vid of the song I could find. "Butcher Baby"--albeit a brief snippet--starts at approx. 1:33 into the vid. nSZ_9QwKBZc You might also like "Pretty Vacant" by the Sex Pistols.
  3. Parcells is the last of a breed of tough, autocratic coaches, who now has become a team executive. Though I mostly hated this guy because he was both a Giant and Cheats' HC, I always respected his unflinching--almost maniacal--tyranny. When he was actually fully committed to his job, there were few coaches who could do a better job of motivating players. BTW, "F" Jason Taylor. I hope his remaining football and burgeoning "entertainment" careers both tank.
  4. "Mush", pronounced like you'd say "tush" for a chick's butt. Basically, the word is used to depict a totally unlucky person, usually a gambler. I use it to describe myself when I have screwed up a project, dropped a bottle of expensive booze, "finished" a tad early on the wife:), etc.: "What a f**kin' mush."
  5. In no particular order, here's my list at this point on a monday night. Tunes might be different in 20 minutes. "Butcher Baby", The Plasmatics "Won't Get Fooled Again", The Who "Starship Trooper", Yes "The Seeker", The Who "The Song Remains the Same", Led Zeppelin "Rock & Roll", Led Zeppelin "Soul Sacrifice", Santana "Working Class Hero", John Lennon "Gimmee Shelter", The Rolling Stones "Highway Star", Deep Purple
  6. I've been sharing this live version of "Hoedown" by ELP with many friends lately. Emerson's playing is astounding and Carl Palmer's frenetic drumming isn't too far behind. N0FuFfcCZiE
  7. I think they were called "The Phlorescent Leech & Eddie" back in the good old acid days. The following version of "Rock On" by T-Rex is interesting because it's minus the Flo & Eddie background vocals. This track sound bluesier, which suits Marc's voice. Hope you guys like it as much as me. WtESO8Ald30
  8. There's more on the way. Just glad that you even know Bolan and "Spaceball Ricochet". Here is another favorite band of mine from the 70s: Uriah Heep. Check out the awesome singing in "The Shadows and the Wind" from "Wonderworld". GUlWBqGMDk4
  9. Figures that my first post involves music. Check out this live track from 1972 by Marc Bolan of T-Rex fame. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsbdz9Klh0U&feature=related
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