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  1. I broke the link by mistake; tried unsuccessfully to fix it. BTW, I don't know this new system. I can't use my posting toolbar, which is in shadow. Any idea how to fix it? EDIT: No, that was not directed at you. To the other site.
  2. I've always had one rule about my threads: As long as it involves humor (successful or not) or spins the thread in a direction which spurs more folks to contribute, have at it. No offense is ever taken for derailing the thread. As for having to hang around, that's not exactly correct. As I mentioned to Dom in another thread, every poster has a "shelf life". Fora while now, I've felt that I might be there are nearing it. Watch it. You might be looking at a two year ban (place holder).
  3. I didn't take it personally. Again, I like that folks are interacting. You can't please everyone. You own a guitar? If so, there are a couple of YouTube teachers i would recommend. That way, you can find out if you like playing without all the expense and time of a private teacher.
  4. Thanks, Crush. Honestly, after all these years, it's impossible not to be derivative. These threads are like mental exercises for me. Much like doing puzzles, trying to think of stuff to post is an attempt to stem the onset of Alzheimer’s. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9muj_Aey7c
  5. Thanks, Jerry. I always try to add items at the beginning hoping to attract others into participating. It's only fun/interesting when a bunch of folks contribute. ***NSFW***
  6. As an interior design consultant. Kerry is a wizard with fabrics.
  7. Just looked up the writer. It's David S. Goyer, who wrote the story for The Dark Knight Rises. Hmmmm.
  8. Okay, here's one from this century. Beth Behr's line at approx. :32 is hilarious. ***NSFW***
  9. Glad I got you to laugh at least. Even if it is at my expense. ***NSFW***
  10. Just reacting honestly. I don't see anything to fight about. You don't dig the thread(s)? Fine. No one is making you post clips orlines. I'm happy there is some participation. Also, there is no reason you couldn't post lines from films and/or TV shows from a recent era.
  11. Thanks. I just thought listing famous movie lines would be fun. I have no problem with one of the mods 86ing the thread if folks object to it. I'm posting the clips because I find it interesting. I wish more people would post their favorites.
  12. Just passing time, Zaius. Anyone is free to participate. I'm guessing you don't like Father's Day.
  13. Back in the days when women were not allowed to act on stage, men played the female roles in all the great classics. Again, story and execution trumps all else.
  14. I would argue that if it's a well made film with a compelling story, it wouldn't matter what the actors were wearing, including super hero outfits.
  15. That's how I'll approach it, too. Thanks for the review.
  16. Better ones in their "catalog".
  17. The original version of The Heatbreak Kid is hysterically funny. Eddie Albert delivers an incredible line at approx. 1:03. If you have time, listen to the build up. LOL. ***NSFW***
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