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  1. LOL. Yeah, no amount of laundering is going to save those things.
  2. Tom, forget it. Much as the folks fervently supporting Chad and Sanchez, Rex will always have apologists blind to his many failings.
  3. What's the big deal? We do the same with our communal condom. I mean, we wash it out between forays, of course. We're not heathens.
  4. Exactly right. When cold, the muscle will clench hitting the hot grill or pan, making it tougher.
  5. Oh, I'm sure Sanchez and his pals get their "beaks" wet, too. Reminds me, I need to order another gross of Executive Producer/SONY Pictures business cards.
  6. I know. But in my heart, I believe Woody (and the team) lose more keeping Rex for another year. It just forestalls the true rebuilding process once Rex tanks again this season and we go hire the next HC. Dead on. Hi, EY. Hope all is well.
  7. I think most participants see this as a freebie. Mark picks up the tab for hotel, food, booze, etc. Hell, as a young, single guy, I'd jump at the chance. Can you imagine the chicks they have hanging around?
  8. Wow, that's awful. Condolences, as well. Yeah, I was shocked at how fast my Mom went, too. I really wish a concerted effort, with unlimited resources, would be made by the world's powers into uncovering the keys to curing cancer. Not new therapies. But prevention strategies and identifying the bodies defense mechanisms to fight it from within. We throw away so much money on frivolous enterprises. Let's put our resources toward finding a cure for a disease which, if we live long enough, will afflict most of us.
  9. For this alone, he deserves a horse whipping. I have run the Sparano hire in my mind a hundred times. It still makes no f**king sense. I thought it was a joke when the team announced it. In terms of myopic stupidity, second only to the Kotex hiring by Hess.
  10. LOL. Like Max. He sounds like a trip. You need folks like him to really push you toward maximum effort. Again, condolences.
  11. Although missing Daltry's legendary vocal, what a wonderful version of "Baba O'Riley" from a Storytellers with Pete Townshend. Incredible violin solo by Gabby Lester. At the beginning of the video, Pete gives us the song's genesis. At the end (approx. 8:10), Townshend explains how/where his trademark guitar smashing came about.
  12. Thank God it wasn't your kid. Sorry for the loss of your relative. Yeah, I lost my Mom to pancreatic cancer last year. She was gone in a matter of weeks. Just crazy.
  13. When you say "my boy", please tell me you mean a friend, not your actual son. If this is the case, then I think it's awesome. I could see a bunch of my old friends getting bagged and shooting my ashes out of a shotgun. LOL. That's classic.
  14. See, if I were Idzik, Geno would be prohibited from attending "Jets West". I want the young man as far from Sanchez, holder of a doctorate of pick 6s/other astoundingly ridiculous turnovers, as possible.
  15. Dom, please tell me you're joking about this. Hi, Church. Go back and read the sequence of posts. The person you mention never interjects. Just your posts, which imply that you're administering the punishment. Please accept my apologies for implicating you. Have a great weekend. BG
  16. Calming the beast before the joyful rush associated with vivisection.
  17. No. Full Viking funeral where I'm incinerated on a pyre floating down the Hudson. Then, my wife and son will gather as much of my ashes as possible, place them in an attractive urn (I was thinking a Jet one, but then reconsidered as those dopes will drive me crazy into the afterlife), then transport the urn to a leading, Beverly Hills, gynecologist, where I will remain for eternity or until his/her lease expires. At that point, my remains will be flown to a modeling agency in Kyoto, Japan.
  18. LOL! I want this engraved into the urn holding my ashes.
  19. As with Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath has many "great ones" in their catalog. I suppose we should include the cut which started the heavy metal genre. Staggering that they found this sound and vibe in 1970. The witch on that record's cover still frightens me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5yR5XhCIeg
  20. Please send me a case of the Mezcal, worms included, that you're drinking. EDIT: Oops, forgot the smilie face.
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