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  1. Good one. Talk about making a traditional spiritual 'your own". What an incredible arrangement. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRiRzGZP8xY
  2. I see Rex as more of a "bucket boy", charged with keeping the plexi-glass and floors as DNA-fee as time will allow.
  3. Forget it. JI has become as corporate, bend over for the advertiser's shaft, as YouTube or 95% of the internet.
  4. Over the last four years, you can count on two absolutes: "Reality TV" will create another contest-driven show and Rex Ryan will proclaim that he's learned from the previous year's problems, making the necessary corrections for the coming season. Good Lord, why didn't Woody show this sap the door after last season's debacle? Now, we waste another year watching this former whale implode.
  5. For me, Keller will always remain the player of unfulfilled promise. WTF ever happened to him torching defenses? Becoming a yearly All-Pro? I guess part of the problem was having a dunce (Shoddy) and complete dildonic moron (Sparano) as OCs. The other part of the equation is that Keller just wasn't what we expected from the guy the team picked on draft day. Here's hoping Keller contributes greatly to a total cluster f**K/meltdown in Miami this season.
  6. Who's "he"? I thought you assigned the sentence. As I said in an earlier post, I don't want to start a JI/JN debate. It's been done ad nauseam. PM me if you like. But, as far as JI is concerned, there is no Borgoguy (hate to use the third person, but it flows better). Hi, Joe. I don't think so. Other than "traveling" from my couch to refill my wine glass on game days, my road trip days are well behind me.
  7. I thought Max channeled the ghost of Charlie Callas for that.
  8. LOL. What can I tell you? First thought I had. mature? No. Stellar humor? Not really. Just a one take.
  9. Insert boyish, muffled chortle as Rex speaks this bit of colloquialism.
  10. Depicting Mrs. Ryan riding Holmes' Lisfranc-injured leg. Nicknamed "Lissie".
  11. "Like, ya know, I want all the, ya know, like, Jet fans to, like, know that, ya know, no one is gonna, like, ya know wanna play the, ya know, Jets, like."
  12. The Jets are without "No. 1" receiver Santonio Holmes, who is rehabbing from a Lisfranc injury suffered in Week 4 and could miss the season opener against the Buccaneers, though he said on Wednesday his rehabilitation is progressing. Corrected for accuracy.
  13. What are your thoughts on me starting a "Latest Crushes" thread?
  14. I wouldn't characterize it as "running away". It's more the understanding that all things have a shelf life. Or, at best, are cyclical.
  15. I like the T-Bone, as you get the best of both worlds. Whether in a professional kitchen or at home, I only ever season with Diamond Crystal kosher salt and coarsely ground black pepper. Once in a while, I'll add finely minced (to the point of looking like pepper) rosemary to the seasoning mix. As for cooking, I like to sear well on both sides on the grill, then finish off heat to the desired degree of doneness. Nearly the same result may be achieved by searing in a skillet, then finishing in a 300 degree oven. If you don't already own one, invest in a good instant read thermometer. I have been using Delta Trak for decades. It's cost effective, reliable, light weight, and allows for full immersion for proper sanitizing.
  16. LOL. Yup. In his day, Vinny was the master of the boneheaded INT. Nowhere near Sanchez' "penchant", but close.
  17. May I formally request that the JN photographer document any hot chicks/MILFs in attendance? Much obliged for your consideration.
  18. You're welcome on my bus any day. You never think you can hate Rex more. But then he speaks, and you find another gear.
  19. In Gladiator, the end sequence when Maximus "returns home" had me with streaming tears. Again, it's something about seeing departed loved ones again coupled with finally being freed from the corporeal world, as well as being recognized for your achievements and worth. Incredible weaving of images/concepts by the film's director, the masterful Ridley Scott. Plus, the Celtic-tinged soundtrack sends it over the top emotionally. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72uwmHsFSAg
  20. I cried for the poor catering staff and craft services supervisor. Is that wrong? Just asking for a friend. What's up, Viking ideal? Great, obscure, reference on the flick. I sit and watch New Girl with an alternating crush on Zooey and Indian goddess Hannah Simone.
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