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  1. That is different. At least to a 60s/70s kid like me. She accept the offer of a date? Hot chick images? Absolutely. (I'm not some uptight advertising moron.) I never found the cat "jokes" funny. Okay, maybe one or two were passable. That's directly related to my point about the message board world changing (or, more correctly, evaporating). Many people would prefer to "post" using images or gifs rather than words. And when they do employ the written word, it's often an intentionally misspelled colloquialism or internet jargon. That's a format for other social media outlets. Folks like me, who enjoy more long-form writing, are becoming dinosaurs. Look at the traffic on JN or JI. It's a fraction of what it was even a few years ago. I think back fondly when tons of posters, here and over at the other place, were all trying to chime in to a topic. Dom, the "golden age" is long gone and buried.
  2. Happy Birthday, slowmoe. Many, many more. For years, my folks or wife would buy fancy cakes or pies for my birthday. I finally said enough. I want a goddam ice cream cake.
  3. Not your apathy specifically, Dom. That of the posting public at large. Too many great posters who no longer participate in this, and other, message board forums. It's all coming to an end very soon. The younger folk want to communicate differently. LOL.
  4. Yeah, I can dig it. Maybe it's time for me to retire from message board posting. Take up needle point or canasta.
  5. I was back a few weeks ago. Maybe you missed my posts. As I said, my posts/threads went over like a lead balloon.
  6. Mental age? Definitely down. Chronological? Way up. I'm 56 years-old.
  7. Thanks. I am not Cindy. As for sticking around: A few weeks ago--after the JI/JN "old home days"--Max was kind enough to allow me to visit here and post. As I told him, I never liked how it ended between us. I tried posting for a bit, but as I mentioned to Crush and Joe, so many of the folks with whom I interacted in the past are now gone. Plus, it's difficult to mend fractured relationships. Right now, after a terse response from yours truly to one of the JI moderators, I am serving a two year banning. I really don't want to start one of those hideous JN/JI threads (they never end well), so would be more than happy to explain my situation via PM. Long answer is that I enjoy sharing my perspective in this message board format. As long as you folks want me around, I'll continue to post my idiocy.
  8. LOL. Glad to hear it. At his age, I'm sure Mr. Carvel is grateful for any sprinkles he can share.
  9. How is Mr. Carvel doing these days in the afterlife?
  10. A few year's back, I'd often take my son to the movies. Two flicks which saw me sitting there with tears streaming down my face were The Bridge to Terebithia (when Anna Sofia Robb's character is met with tragedy) and when Nanny McFee (yes, Nanny McFee) leaves the children. What a puss. A great, upbeat, bonus in the flick is an adorable Zooey Deschanel--in the role of teacher--performing Steve Earle's classic tune, "Someday". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBKinJeznCY As a point of reference, here's Earle's original.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5IRI4oHKNU
  12. What a good son. You'll make his day, Joe.
  13. Two scenes in Field of Dreams absolutely destroy me. The first is the one JF80 posted, "A Catch With Dad". If that interaction between father and son doesn't get you, you're not human. But the scene when "Doc" gives up his dream to save the little girl--and the rest of the ballplayers recognize/applaud the enormity of his effort--transforms me into a blubbering mess. It's just something about Doc's sacrifice and fulfilling his destiny.
  14. There ya go. This should have been the NYT review of the flick. Something is wrong when you can't wait for the film to end. Yet, it plods along ceaselessly.
  15. The song I want playing as they load me into the crematory. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNcMdNDmSfE
  16. For some reason, I just clicked with it.
  17. Totally agree. It's the kiss of death for any film. If your story has holes, no number of actors/characters will make it plausible to the audience. I swear, there were moments watching that flick where I stood up and yelled at the screen in confusion/exasperation/pi$$ed off annoyance. So much of it made no sense. BTW, Hi, Tom.
  18. Noted. Any of the chicks in Sucker Punch have an "open invitation" on my face, should anyone care.
  19. You know he would have taken the character to even greater heights of lunacy. What a shame an actor of his talent is gone so young. RIP.
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