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  1. That SOB didn't have the access to the AFL players like I did.
  2. Are you going to pull a Fred Jetstone?
  3. We've had some horrible mods, but I've narrowed it down to the four worst ones.
  4. I'm not Evan, Joe. He's my good friend, sometimes he uses my wifi when we have a sleepover. Maybe that's why the IPs match.
  5. We're both on at the same time. I'm not Evan.
  6. I'm not Evan, Groundskeeper Willie.
  7. You do not talk to Evan like that.
  8. Seems kind of childish to me.
  9. I didn't attack you, I called you a coconut cookie.
  10. Check out my history. Every single one of them is quality, you most certainly can't say that.
  11. He hasn't signed anybody. The people he signed are overpaid.
  12. This might be the best answer of all time. What a maroon.
  13. Pretty sure he's seriously trolling.
  14. Why do you think the New York Dragons folded? The GM wouldn't spend the money. Same thing will happen to the Jets.
  15. If I can make it, so can you. Chin up, big guy.
  16. Thanks, Evan. I'll try and get some autographs for you.
  17. Just because you lucked out and the Jets actually won a game, it doesn't make you a good captain. People here can't stand you, but they love me.
  18. We haven't even played 10 games yet.
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