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  1. Did we just use our #3waiver spot on a guy who has never played?
  2. Real head scratcher here. He’d be a way better back up vs a 6th rd pick. Just don’t see the value is this move. But to be honest we all knew this trade would go down in this fashion no matter the GM. Jets seemed pretty determined to get rid of him so let’s not judge Gase off this one move (even if it was a bad one😀)
  3. Anyone know what his condition is as of now? Is he healthy?
  4. This guy is gonna bring attitude to the O-line. We lack fire and passion there. It’s about time we put a Dawg on the line.
  5. This story is starting to make me wonder if Mac is making these sh*tty picks on purpose
  6. Only thing better than a RB who can catch the ball is having two of them on your roster and one of them is getting paid like 1.2 mill.
  7. If Bosa was to fall to us, where would he play? He is a 4-3 DE. If we are sticking with the 3-4 is he a good fit at OLB?
  8. What would $100 on the over win you? (don’t know much about gambling)
  9. The more I think about it I think he is the pick. Was on the Bosa train but after sitting out and not doing the drills makes me believe he is going to drop out the top 3 (don’t kill me)
  10. Sounds like Huston and the Ravens May have some mutual interest
  11. We need one more big signing or a big trade for a WR. I feel Huston is more realistic. 4 year deal with an out after 2. Good job by Mac so far but needs to stay aggressive. Go get this guy and it softens the blow from Barr
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