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  1. jetsjets

    Bowles should go before Macc....

    Don’t see any reason to keep Mac. He failed as a GM. He didn’t turn the team around and NY is still an unattractive place to play. I hope they both go
  2. I’ll spend most of my time at the tailgate. This one is gonna be ugly
  3. jetsjets

    god I miss rex and co

    Rex as a head coach is a nightmare. But would love him as a defensive coordinator. Rex ego is to big for that tho
  4. jetsjets

    Leonard Williams is flirting with busthood

    I’m sure the Jets will pick up his 5th year option, and they should. But this a player we should let walk. Don’t see how we pay this guy the 16 mill per year he will request
  5. Just we everyone thought we had no receivers. Now we have to find ways to keep em
  6. jetsjets

    Le’Veon Bell anyone?

    I’d pass on Bell this season and next. His mevis attitude could become contagious. Invest in the line. We do that and anyone of the four guys we already have can get the job done
  7. I hope Bart stays on his ass! Didn’t like that Bart praised him after the game. It took Bart to light a fire under is ass. We need more than just one game out of him
  8. jetsjets

    Luvu In; Thomas Out

    Like the move. Keeping 4 TEs gives us room to be creative here.
  9. Found it http://www.nfl.com/labs/clubs/stream/dev?club=nyj
  10. Instant game changer
  11. Lee should not be a ILB. He’s just not big enough and doesn’t have the heart for it. I would put him on the outside on 3rd downs and see if we can use his speed to get to the QB
  12. Lol never liked Lee as a 1 st rounder. Anyhow Brat is gonna be awesome on SNY Jets Nation
  13. I work with a guy just like Todd Bowls. Everything and I mean everything is a secret

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