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  1. He must of cursed out one of the coaches. It’s the only thing that makes sense at this point
  2. I voted Competitive by the end of next season but I don’t understand the love he gets. I’m starting to think Jets fans are just as bad as the organization. Sorry but this guy sux. Feel like since he’s been here we have gotten worse. We have the least amount of talent in the league
  3. Flat out there isn’t enough experience on this team. A rookie head coach, a rookie offensive coordinator, rookie Starting QB and and back ups with pretty much no experience. Top it all off we have the youngest team in the NFL. Where does this make any sense? No experience in a the quarterback room, almost no experience on the offense period. GM who hasn’t drafted any better then then GMs before him (I don’t know what the hell you guys see in him). This is crazy!! 4 ints in the 1st 10 throws? Can’t bench him you know why? Because we don’t have anyone else. How do you turn around a franchise w
  4. The Oline is a hot mess(still) we need to draft a LT and move Becton to guard resign Moses and blow the rest up
  5. Hope all is well but it may be time to try him at guard
  6. Don’t see anything special about this guy. I’d be surprised if he played in at least half the games. But people here seem to like him
  7. Was at the Green and White and the passing game needs a lot of work. I understand he’s a rookie. He’s going to make mistakes I get all that. What I don’t get is not having a veteran QB to help this young man out. And in the event he’s not ready to start, letting him sit behind a Foles for the 1st 5 games wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world
  8. If I’m Crowder no way I take the 50% pay cut. Worst case scenario for him is he gets cut. He can most likely play for a winning team for that same 5 mill. And have one more chance at a multi year deal after the season. It’s clear he doesn’t have a future with the Jets either way
  9. Oh here’s a great idea, let’s cut Crowder. It was save the Jets 10 mill and the fans will be happy
  10. Don’t understand how he can be ranked without taking a snap. Don’t get me wrong, still not a fan. Thought Justin fields should of been the pick. But 30 out of 32? How about we at least she him play 1st
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