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  1. Now the Jets are forced to carry 3 QBs.
  2. I wonder if he can play standing up
  3. Call me crazy but I’m not sold on any of these OTs. Feel like we are just overly desperate. Don’t see them as 10 years starters at LT. We need to find our guy I understand but rather have a vet at LT. It’s the most important position on the line, with these 4 I just don’t see it. IMO. My pick would be Lamb, Sam needs a weapon, we are bottom 10 every year in passing. There are 3 vets out there we can pay at LT in the meantime. There aren’t any WRs for us this season.
  4. I can tell you he’s not dropping his asking price to become a ny Jet.
  5. Lamb, wow it be nice to leave the draft feeling excited for once. But then again we are the Jets! Guess I’ll just wait and see but to be honest, the 4th best OL doesn’t excite me.
  6. Even in a back up role we could of matched that
  7. Williamson Has better stats than Mosley and is a great locker room guy. He’s a guy that puts his head down and plays. With the D-line we have and these two ILBs playing together; running against us would be dam near impossible. He lead us in tackles 2 seasons ago and got hurt lest pre-season playing hard like he always does. Even though he shouldn’t have been left in that long to begin with. That’s thanks to our bonehead coach. If it were up to me I’d keep him. Trade him for a pick would e as far as I would go but to cut him for cap room, I wouldn’t do that. That cap would be used to get a good player when we already have one in him. Just my opinion
  8. Our players are usually so bad I was just wondering when was the last time we tagged someone
  9. What are you so upset about? It’s not like Josh Allen was available
  10. Wilder by Knock out! mark it down

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