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  1. jetsjets

    Oakland Raiders release Hackenberg

  2. jetsjets

    Oakland Raiders release Hackenberg

    I believe that pick went out the window when raiders cut him before the start of the season The pic was conditional pending on how many games he was active
  3. jetsjets

    Oakland Raiders release Hackenberg

    If this is the case (don’t kill me guys) would it make since to bring him back into camp? If we have to pay him we should put him to work. We can get more recievers on the Field with 4 QBs plus we can revisit the trade option. Worst case we cut him after the preseason
  4. I like this signing a lot. Hope we can get him on a two year deal. 3 safeties that can start is always a good problem to have. *Side note* this guy worries me a little bit with the the new lowering the helmet rule. Not sure how they will enforce it but safeties that play hard like him may have a hard time.
  5. jetsjets

    What position do you want taken in Round 3?

    I’m hoping an receiving TE. can’t see a good pass rusher making it that far. If not a Guard who can play some at center. Time to pay attention to the offense
  6. When do we cut Mo? We can cut him today but I have a feeling Jets will cut him as late as possible. Not to explore a trade, but to lower is value on the open market. Kind of messed up but guess he dug his own grave
  7. jetsjets

    FA Wish Lists

    1. Kirk Cousins 2. DeMarcus Lawrence 3.Trumaine Johnson. 4. Demario Davis 5. Morris Claiborn in that order
  8. Leo is a team leader. Clearly shows it on and off the field. However it Saddens me how negative,and how quickly we are to rush to judgment.
  9. Glad to hear. If he can turn his live around and we get two halfway decent TEs that's a huge plus for us. Best of luck. This is not easy to do , even harder to admit
  10. About time. I'm hoping he has a good year and we lock him up for less $$ than Mo then we can cut Money Mo
  11. jetsjets

    So long Geno

    With the Jets history of bad QBs never really understood the hatred for Geno