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  1. I like it. He will definitely add some toughness to the coaching staff
  2. Can’t see why Houston would want Darnold
  3. This has really grabbed my attention. Watson would make being a Jets fan exciting for a change. Two 1st rd picks and Sam.
  4. I hate all this talk about Trevor. Please just let the season play out. We don’t know what will happen. Pats could easily block us and we all know as Jets fans that could be our reality. Or we could get the 1st pick and grab DL. Just rather we talk about this when the season is over
  5. Jags won’t win another game but the real question is will we? Chargers and Pats scare me
  6. Forgive me if this was answered already but if we tie with the Jags why do we pick 2nd?
  7. The Jets are so dysfunctional I can absolutely see them looking for reasons to bring him back. Last place offense and the Johnsons thinks he’s a guru. Only thing saving us from Gase coming back is the media. They are beating him up so bad no way FA will come here. The sports media’s is even trying to talk draft picks into skipping out on millions of dollars to avoid us
  8. Sam isn’t the player we hoped he be. Sorry but he isn’t. Backup QBs on other teams play and do better than him. The Johnsons went out and got a loser coach because they can control him and JD filled the middle of the line with budget players. Actually the line is worst than what it was last season. So much for that promise JD made to Sam’s parents.
  9. This is what happens when you shop in the no frills section.
  10. Would love to bring this guy in. Just imagine how many players would get punched in the face (rightly so)
  11. 10 games to go. Too early for all these TL posts
  12. What the hell you mean I can’t call audibles
  13. I thought no way we go 0-16 we will mess it up some way. Guess the GM is taking no chances. In the meantime we will continue to be the laughing stock of the NFL
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