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  1. If I’m Crowder no way I take the 50% pay cut. Worst case scenario for him is he gets cut. He can most likely play for a winning team for that same 5 mill. And have one more chance at a multi year deal after the season. It’s clear he doesn’t have a future with the Jets either way
  2. Oh here’s a great idea, let’s cut Crowder. It was save the Jets 10 mill and the fans will be happy
  3. Don’t understand how he can be ranked without taking a snap. Don’t get me wrong, still not a fan. Thought Justin fields should of been the pick. But 30 out of 32? How about we at least she him play 1st
  4. Does Cager play ST? I’d like to see him stick around. I think with the right coaching he could beast in the red zone. Dude is huge
  5. Everything feels so different this offseason compared to last year.
  6. This is why we need a good backup QB and not some bum off the street. Trade fir Foles
  7. Teddy lost his job twice to Sam now. I’d be pissed too
  8. I think this is a serious issue and we need to address this ASAP. Now Mullins knows the system and can be signed for cheap. But I think Foles should be the guy.I’m Sure we can get him for a late pick and can serve as a mentor. Also if this kid goes down Foles can come in and be serviceable. I know guys don’t want to part with picks but you need two QBs in this league
  9. I don’t know about this one. Sam has a history of crushing Jets fans hearts
  10. I think Fant held is own last season
  11. Can’t be excited for Wilson. I just don’t see it. Think he’s over hyped.
  12. Goes from 1B or the sure #2 and now he’s #5??? Seriously scratching my head here.
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