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  1. Leo is a team leader. Clearly shows it on and off the field. However it Saddens me how negative,and how quickly we are to rush to judgment.
  2. Glad to hear. If he can turn his live around and we get two halfway decent TEs that's a huge plus for us. Best of luck. This is not easy to do , even harder to admit
  3. About time. I'm hoping he has a good year and we lock him up for less $$ than Mo then we can cut Money Mo
  4. So long Geno

    With the Jets history of bad QBs never really understood the hatred for Geno
  5. A lot of Macc fans here haha. I'm sorry but I just don't see where he's a good GM. Free agents sux draft picks sux. Big Cat is great! But that was a easy pick. Should of put more work in on the O-line instead of falling under pressure from a bunch of silly fans who thought we just HAD to have Fitz
  6. Cut Revis

    Being bad and getting beat is one thing but look at is face. He could care less. He gives 50% effort on the field at best. I say bench him. Make him a backup for the rest of the season him and Mo. may lose some of you here but hoping we can trade Mo and cut Mevi$
  7. A QB who can't throw and a O-Line that can't block and you cut the FB? I don't get this move at all. I believe we cut the FB after week 1 and the run game has been going downhill ever since. Cut one of those useless TEs and lets restart our run game
  8. Wonder if we will see Sheldon o third and short or on the goal line
  9. RBs get hurt wouldn't be the worst idea. Guessing but sure he is better than Pope. Dam Robinson would of been great with us
  10. Gilchrist earning his keep?

    Not sure why Gilchrist is being pointed out. Revis and Williams play so far off their receivers, all you have to do is throw the quick out or WR screen and we will never be able to stop it. Pryor finishes every play the same, on the ground. And Skrine grabs on every play.
  11. Antonio Allen Is Back

    Wow..... Welcome back AA
  12. Player Spotlight: Darron Lee

    Still not a fan of this pick. (Hate the 2nd pick even more) feel like he's over pursuing to make up for his lack of size and missing a lot of tackles. Also feel like you have to sit him on obvious power running plays. Hope I'm wrong, guys here seem to like him but as of now I still don't like the pick. For the record I would of went with Lynch and let him sit under Fitz