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  1. Knew he played basketball but never thought to think he didn’t play college football. That’s just insane
  2. Guess I’ll go a different route here. I believe Herndon will have a comeback year and if we can get Griffin out there with him we can do some damage in the reD zone. Still see them grabbing 3 or 4 TEs for training camp. Jets like blocking TEs to help with the run game and help cover up the mistakes of the OL
  3. Can’t help but to think back to when the Jets gave him that contract. I don’t get it. I just don’t. WHY?
  4. Our talent picking skills on display once again
  5. So trade Adams? Build the offense? How about a balanced team? Why trade our good players for a maybe? How about the front office finally do their jobs!
  6. This topic is why I don’t care about our draft position anymore. And it’s not just the GM. This is obviously a organizational problem. And this is just a QB topic. We could write a full book on the amount of talent we passed up for 1 or 2 year(total playing time) players
  7. Judging by our recent history I’d have to believe Jets don’t value Pass Rushers
  8. We have way more misses than hits. Just don’t understand trading away one of your best players for “a hope”. Especially a team that Is horrible at drafting! I mean we absolutely sux at drafting and now we are supposed to get rid of the rare hit we had? Man plays with heart every down and we get rid of him so he can help another team win? Sorry I just don’t see the logic
  9. This man doesn’t belong on a football field. Time to part ways. Jets rewarded him with a good contract that we all knew he wouldn’t be able to play for. Reach a settlement and move on. Nice guy but tired of him already
  10. Gase is a a$$hole. I just can’t see how anyone could like this guy
  11. Trent Williams just won’t happen, too old and baggage Chuma Edoga I don’t believe in think he will be a bust Beachum at RT, now I like this offense lineman don’t grow on trees and Beachum is better than we give him credit for; plus he’s a gentleman Drafting Andrew Thomas is a no brainer but start him at LT right away Commit to LeVeon Bell? Please do! Bring In Odell Beckham Jr. for Sam? HELL NO!
  12. He has taken every no name player on this team and put them in position to shine. The man just knows what he’s doing. Side note I’m slightly disappointed we don’t get to see he yell and blow his lid. I was really looking forward to that
  13. Shell is the better player right now. I’m tired of watching the rookie get beat. Don’t see the point of this
  14. He was like a 5th RD pick. Rookie contract and is actually good when he’s out there. I see him coming back.
  15. Cashman and Herndon will definitely be back but I’m hoping Williamson as well
  16. Not so sure I like this. Pats will be hell of a 1st test. I’d like them to use a full back or max protection for this game to help out
  17. I watched Maye the whole game felt he played a really good game. Huge difference having him out there
  18. Great signing for a really good dude! Always positive always doing and saying the right thing. An older guy who is always out working the younger guys in camp. Leads by example
  19. Dam man, why are we here already. I mean it just started
  20. Bell is playing with heart every down! People saying trade him are out of their minds. The whole point is to have multiple guys like this on your team. I’m just scared by the time we get our QB and OL in order we will already ran him into the ground

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