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  1. in peytons defense, its gotta be difficult to fight through the mob of people, media, players, family, camera crews and trophy presentation stage that all merge onto the field at the same time, all the while the saints are too wrapped up in their own celebration to notice anyone else but their teammates and family. if Peyton werent a "golden boy" would we care? i dont think so because do you see anyone raising a stink about other colts players that didnt shake hands. get over it fellas.
  2. how are we gonna stop LT with moves like these: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXVoTWkWTkc
  3. if revis shuts down jackson, which i think he will, gates is going to step up for them and have a day. dallas clark torched him in week 16, not sure how hell do against a bigger more athletic TE
  4. - chargers are ranked 31st in rush offense, should allow us to focus our #1 ranked pass D on stopping their pass game - chargers dont have much of a pass rush and we have a stellar O-line which should allow sanchez the time he needs to hit his wrs - chargers allow about 118 rushing yds per game (20th in the league) and we happen to have the best rushing attack in the league - vincent jackson has had issues with his achilles lately, may not be 100% for this week this game will not be handed to us, but i think we match up very well here
  5. they love hittin the TE in the red zone and on the goal line, of the times we played them in the last 5 or so years they racked up a lot of TDs with the goal line play action pass to the likes of ben watson, daniel graham, and christian fauria
  6. "Holy Crap I Blew the Kids College Fund on These Seats Stadium"
  7. i think they picked him up just to make sure neither we or the bills get him, seriously, how are they gonna get all of these guys the ball? hey lets not jump the gun on the pats offense just yet, they go as tom brady goes, lets see how handles a couple of shots around the ol knee. Also the defenses of the rest of the AFC East are vastly improved
  8. from afar the seats kinda look like a dark greenish-grey, makes it feel like its more our stadium than the giants
  9. anybody just see on ESPN when they put up the graphic of the Jets/Browns Mark Sanchez trade details? ESPN loses all credibility as the end all be all of sports information, when they show that the Browns will receive "Bret RATCLIFFE" really ESPN? not even close on that one.
  10. yeah but who ever heard of a team using their first pick on a TE just for his blocking, he's not gonna get any touches in our offense. I still say we either just get a blocking TE late in the draft or just use Wayne Hunter/Robert Turner like we did last year.
  11. Yes they are late round picks but a handful of late round picks have gone on to become solid players. Clowney is freakishly fast and you cant teach speed, i think he can turn some heads with a QB that can air it out to him. I completely agree though with what youre saying, personally I want a WR in the first round and i think clemens deserves a shot. But its a matter of picking your poison. Take a WR and place your confidence in kellen clemens who nobody is still really sure about yet, much like any rookie QB. Or take a QB who is deemed to be a franchise player.
  12. between cotchery, clowney, stuckey, and keller, i think you can work from there, theyre all relatively young and are going to develop. its not overwhelming but its not hopeless. we trade all those picks for a QB to work towards becoming a well balanced team with a high power passing game. Im just saying that right now we are built to run the ball, in a few years as clowney, stuckey, and keller hopefully develop and the addition of another playmaking wr, then its good to have that stud QB to throw to the ball. You cant question having a franchise QB under center.
  13. just to clear things up, it was for our 4th round pick this year, we dont have a 5th rounder
  14. Not that im for trading up for sanchez, but if we do, we have a core nucleus at WR to build around, im sure if not this year but next year well get a playmaking WR for sanchez to throw to. On the same token, this is going to be a running team anyway, teams have gotten to the super bowl before without a high octane passing game.
  15. Denver was not going to trade within the AFC, its a moot point. We never really had a chance at him although im sure tanny was willing to give up a lot for him.
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