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  1. Williams wound up with three tackles, but he had none in the first half and just one through three quarters – despite playing more than two-thirds of the defensive snaps. It was just another invisible day from the former first-round pick, who’s most notable moment came when he was called for illegal use of hands, which extended a Patriots drive, letting them off the hook on third-and-long.
  2. Adams was also benched late in the game, to protect his All Pro Mouth. Look up reports on Luke Falk's Pro Day, they unanimously reported Luke showed a much stronger arm than believed
  3. Here is a very clear and uninterrupted steam if you cann get it @ no cost http://playoffstream.com/nfl
  4. An excellent replacement for Cannon . as a gunner track athlete. Adams replaces the tiny turd as a KR because he has running instincts, is 40 lbs heavier and a history of making the long run in college at a higher level
  5. Adams is a young back for the future, the top three aren't spring chickens.
  6. All Cannon has is speed and the sixth round DB we had was much faster
  7. I've been banging my head against the wall ever since this little sh*t was drafted. No instincts no moves, can't cut weakling. How could this runt be our young developmental RB while the Eagles signed Josh Adams as a FA. Now we have Adams. JA set the ND freshman rushing record, ran for more than 1400 yds as a senior averaging close to 7ds a pop for his entire career. A better physical speciman than PJ Prosise, same 4.48 forty, more agile beating Prosise 6.75 to 7.19 in the three cone. Eagle's rushing leader as a rookie
  8. Don't blame the 2nd and 3rd team offensive line for the lack of a running attack, Trenton Cannon has no instinct period
  9. I knew him and had to vouch for him to get him past Draft Security
  10. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/sports/texas-sports-nation/texans/article/Flashback-Meet-Joel-Buchsbaum-the-ultimate-NFL-7378840.php
  11. Montrel Meander really lit it up today. The safety, who measures about 6-feet-2-inches and 208 pounds, timed 4.42s in the forty, touched 37.5 inches in the vertical jump and reached 10-feet-4-inches in the broad jump. Meander is being compared to former Hurricane Adrian Colbert, the seventh round pick of the San Francisco 49ers who turned out to be a steal for the franchise. Meander will be making an official thirty visit to see the Indianapolis Colts.
  12. Herndon doesn't deserve one second of suspension, when his record of wrong doing is compared to Kelly's. I'm for giving Kelly a last and I mean last chance but comparing Herndon's violation with Kelly is ridiculous
  13. He was fired in his last two jobs before Bowles hired him, the third time is the charm
  14. Dumb move, I want to give Peepers a chance as coach but we really need to sign a highly regarded GM pronto. "Lazy Legget" made significant improvement as a blocker last year. One week towards the end of the year PFF rated him as one of the three best Jets of that week. As a receiver he caught one short pass. Tomlinson was mediocre as a blocker, a penalty machine and a clumsy oaf. Between Wesco & Tommy we now have two lead footed TEs. The former Falcon TE from Stanford who recently signed with another team, was a more efficient blocker than Tom not so terrific and a 6'8'' redzone target, which he was proficient at in college. Macsh*thead should have been shot before he was fired for using one of his few draft picks on Wesco in the fourth

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