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  1. Denzel Mims WR Baylor 3 3 4 68 Ashtyn Davis DB California 4 3 15 79 Jabari Zuniga DE Florida 5 4 14 120 Lamical Perine RB Florida 6 4 19 125 James Morgan QB Flo
  2. Only 20 days 0f practice were available, now 19 are left. Douglas get off of your fat ass or we will see if we still have the coffee addicts#
  3. Adams stinks in coverage, stinks with the ball in the air, is a pu$$y against the run coming at him. As a teammate a self-absorbed selfish crap-head Any player who wants the entire pie, tells his teammates I got mine, I don't care if you other guys have to eat sh!t. Greenie was a ferocious player a great team guy, and gets points from me for throwing loud mouth strength coach John Lott through a glass shower door
  4. Tony Pauline Retweeted Pro Football Network @PFN365 · 8h
  5. I've studied this kid's built since the Jets first showed interest in him. His chest is broad, his biceps & forearms are well developed. He has abs. Check out the muscularity of his back calf in his passing photo. He is taller and better built than Rodgers and Mahomes, who Nawrocki now working for the Raiders in his guide noted had an alarming high body fat number
  6. Our guy- The specimen genius Belicheater took-
  7. https://www.newyorkjets.com/news/qb-guru-john-beck-on-zach-wilson-he-has-his-own-artwork-and-it-s-going-to-be-coo
  8. Take a look at him at the end of last season, he was as fat as advertised hope fully he can keep the weight off
  9. Look of his videos at the end of 2020, it appeared his love handles were carrying two fully packed suitcases
  10. Todd McShay was Joe Douglas roommate @ Richmond earning him first dibs at the follicle challenged genius's used rubbers
  11. Ty Johnson was clocked as fast as 4.26 at his Pro Day, he also did 27 reps @ 225
  12. CB Javelin Guidry I don’t think Javelin Guidry got enough playing time in his rookie season to quality as truly underrated – he only played 172 snaps – but I also believe that not enough fans recognize how much promise he showed in that limited time. Guidry’s zone coverage grade of 77.8 at PFF ranked second-best among rookie cornerbacks (trailing Kansas City’s L’Jarius Sneed) and placed at the 87th percentile among all qualified corners. He allowed zero touchdowns and less than 10.0 yards per reception in each of the three games in which he played over 30 snaps. Tied for second in the lea
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