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  1. Much better than his lazy brother, the next time Quinnen gives effort hustling on a play will be the first
  2. My apology I missed the word almost
  3. Let me explain. I was a fixture at Jets camp, always speaking to Weeb about UDFAs and drafted players. Saw him at a practice with his eyelids scotch taped. I asked Weeb who was in his final year if he had Myasthenia Gravis he answered yes. I knew abut the disease and the taping because my father's best friend Zuly (from Israel) had it. Zuly was a quiet unassuming guy. I never imagined he would contact Ewbank but that's what he did. Our Hall of Fame coach became involved in the MG foundation. They had a day for the disease at the Garden. For Weeks Cossell would pitch the upcoming event on Monday Night Football. I hope your late mother benefited from the event
  4. I'm glad I found this sh*t, I heard it on Frankie from Flatbush but here's the article. Irvin Charles may be the most talented receiver he was ever around- https://pennstate.rivals.com/news/franklin-irvin-charles-maybe-the-most-talented-wr-i-ve-been-around-
  5. Cager can be the big receiver, endzone threat, Wesco always was and continues to be a worthless spot on our roster
  6. Less than half the body fat of Fat Mahomes 17.6 Lawrence Cager @lawrencecager3 · 2h 241 8% body fat
  7. I knew Clemons was fourth in the SEC in pressures and found out he was second to Anderson in pressures per game. He was the defensive MVP of the 2nd ranked team in the Conference only Georgia's defense ranked higher than A&M. Extremely muscular arms shown in this video
  8. Some good, some bad. Quincy Williams was a good pick up, his lazy ass brother stinks. I hope he pulls a J Adams maneuver and fleeces another team into trading for the bum or lets him go for a comp. Spending two first on Becton & AVT not good. Bypassing an All Pro tackle, Wirth and taking soft, fat, underachiever who doesn't have left tackle feet. As for AVT, traded him to the Vikes who drafted Darrisaw a higher graded player PFF at a more important position LT. Christian Darrisaw is the Dancing bear that Becton should have been. AVT fine guard, but passing on an Pro Bowl to All Pro Tackle and adding two threes is a miss. This last draft is a hit particularly Breece Hall, who I believe will be Rookie of the Year and even lead the league in rushing if Ace Carter gets banged up
  9. Gale Sayers was more elusive and a better player than Barry Sanders. Sanders like Saquan played tag on the football field stopping and starting losing yardage on a high percentage of his carries. Sayers was magic in the open field. Never stopping or going backwards losing yardage. Sayers used his amazing cutting ability to cut off his linemen's blocks. Don't get me wrong Sanders was great but like Barkley he doesn't lose yards playing tag
  10. he could be a better option than Smith Jackson is a shrimp who ran 4.53 Smith is a three year vet, 25 years old makes plays on the special team, occasionally on offense. Stands 6 feet weighs 195 lbs ran 4.36, jumped 36 1/2'' and shuttled 4.06
  11. Now they claim a ‘6th man’ type O-lineman in Nate Hersbig who JD had a hand in drafting as an unrestricted free agent from Stanford Oxymoron, big Her signed with eagles as a UDFA, so JD had no hand in drafting him because he wasn't drafted
  12. hmhertz


    so long as he can dip and rip, he’ll have Giant fans and the sycophantic media lapping it up. Cossell, Jeremiah, Simms and Douzable said he had tightness at the top of his rush and couldn't dip (bend) and rip. The ability to bend/dip is measured by the three cone. He skipped at the Combine and then ran a lackluster 7.23 at his pro day, indicating Cossell, Jeremiah, Simms, Douzable were right. Tavon Walker 17 lbs heavier ran a 6.89. There are other ways rushing the passer besides scrapping his knuckles on the ground bending around the tackle . If the guy can't bend who needs him
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