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  1. Because he averaged 5.3 yards behind a line of cripples, caught the ball well last year, was our best blocking back, clocked 4.26 and did 27 reps at his Pro Day
  2. Wants to see if he can catch passes from the strongest arm Next Gen Stats ever clocked and the fact that the dude who throws the heat will be only 24 will be leading him to a long and lucrative career- Michael Salfino @MichaelSalfino Next Gen clocked Zach Wilson at practice throwing 69 mph, which is the fastest ever for any QB in any setting. He's at least a B-plus athlete (was told the #Jets clocked him 4.5/40). The traits are TOP SHELF. Doesn't mean he'll be good but I'll take my chances. 10:28 PM · Aug 4, 2022
  3. Maynard has the highest yardage per catch for any receiver who had 600 catches
  4. Richard Caster, Joe Fields, Pete Lammons and the late, Johnny Dirty Red Samples
  5. Should have been kept him in the first place. We kept Sir Shank-a-lot whose knee was hanging by a thread, to sooth Fat Joe's ego, which is almost as large as his gut!
  6. Smart guy and wrestler- https://www.commanders.com/news/wes-schweitzer-can-be-a-good-anchor-at-center
  7. He played hard play after play, which Williams still doesn't
  8. He didn't deserve his last MVP Josh Allen did. Rodgers played a game against Brady that year both throwing multiple ints. Brady put together one good drive to win the game. Mahomes didn't deserve the MVPs they gave him for the season & Super Bowl, Hurts deserved both. PM should have won Offensive player of the year
  9. Lazard has better hands, is a stronger blocker is two inches taller, 15 lbs heavier younger and in a nut more reliable
  10. Who in their right mind ever wanted that selfish piece of sh*t?
  11. I prefer Geno Smith to both, he has out performed both over their last 22 games. My biggest concern is getting Wilson off the roster, he fills the place of a young QB with talent to develop. I'm OK with Carr, want no part of Rodgers he is a team wrecker having thrown his last two coaches and receivers under the bus
  12. Cut him he is a waste of roster space. Every QB at the Combine was a better thrower than him, including the two guys they used to save the prospects arms. The best was Stroud. The kind of QB I want is a Jalen Hurts type. Fortunately there is one in this year's group with a stronger arm and better size Dorian Thompson - Robinson QB velocity readings- NFL Combine Fastest Velocity: -Dorian Thompson-Robinson: 62 MPH -Tom Brady at age 41: 61 MPH -Anthony Richardson: 60 MPH -CJ Stroud: 59 MPH -Stetson Bennett: 59 MPH -Will Levis: 59 MPH
  13. If you had doubts on Namath talent, look up what Lombardi and Walsh said about him
  14. His most memorable moment in those four seasons came on September 24, 1972, when he and his boyhood idol Johnny Unitas combined for 872 passing yards in Baltimore. Namath threw for 496 yards and six touchdowns and Unitas 376 yards and three in a 44–34 New York victory over the Colts, its first against Baltimore since Super Bowl III. The game is considered by many NFL experts to be the finest display of passing in a single game in league history
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