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  1. hmhertz

    Could Todd Bowles be fired in season ?

    because Bates is a major part of the problem. Nothing in his record on other teams e worked for, or even his work as our QB coach, remotely suggested he deserved promotion to OC
  2. hmhertz

    Young offensive minded coaches

    Lincoln Riley, Pro head coached have been picking his brain
  3. Brandon Bryant plays the game, Adams wishes he had
  4. hmhertz

    2018 NY Jets Practice Squad

    Kafusi 7.03 three cone at 285lbs Aaron Donald 7.11 at 285 lbs JAG Leonard Williams 7.59 at 302
  5. hmhertz

    2018 NY Jets Practice Squad

    He's 5'11 1/2'' and has a 3'11'' arm
  6. Doesn't open a spot for anyone, the dumb bastard wasn't making the team
  7. NFL Network draft analyst Bucky Brooks called Bryant “one of the most explosive college football players in 2016 and ’17” in his supplemental draft preview.
  8. Later that season, on an SEC Network broadcast, Tim Tebow named Bryant the "Freak of Week," citing Bryant's ability to run a 40-yard dash in 4.24 seconds and to deadlift 600 pounds.[9] Bryant caught another interception in a loss to Alabama.
  9. Just respond to this video
  10. Here is the right Youtube on Darnold's mechanics-
  11. hmhertz

    OTA Recap; NY Jets Podcast

    Is Dan Ficca the same Dan Ficca who went to USC the same Dan Ficca who played for the Jets in 1962?
  12. hmhertz

    Jets OTA’s June 5th, 2018

    We get information on one of the practices, poor way to make assumptions on
  13. He lacks the ideal quickness in and out of cuts to separate Quickness is measured by the 3 cone & shuttles, Hansen's scores were fine

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