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  1. Good seed, very good strength, great agility- Height Weight 40-yard dash 10-yard split 20-yard split 20-yard shuttle Three-cone drill Vertical jump Broad jump Bench press 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m) 238 lb (108 kg) 4.59 s 1.57 s 2.59 s 3.97 s 6.50 s 34.5 in (0.88 m) 10 ft 4 in (3.15 m) 30 reps NFL Pro Day[7
  2. The Jets idea of providing a pass rush was sending Adams, who could do little else but blitz. Never attempting to find or develop a rusher in the last 20 years
  3. Russell Wilson, Pete Carroll is a schmuck and we have had enough of them!
  4. A college coach, Dinkleberry has done a nice job in Arizona. Boy I wish we had hired Matt Ruhle. Speaking of Ruhle, his offensive coordinator, the guy who invented Joe Burrow would be a fine choice. No defensive guys ever again. Go college, think innovative offensive mind
  5. Drink at home, avoid Covid and watch for free http://crackstreams.com/nfl-streams/ Beautiful and free stream
  6. Perriman averaged 21.3 per reception the year before for the Browns
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Foster_(American_football)
  8. If the offensive line doesn't improve and the Brown's does the blame belongs to Gase/ Douglas. The Browns hired Bill Callahan, while we stayed with the architect of last year's failed line
  9. Joe Curley @vcsjoecurley ·11m The performance of Chad Hansen has been one of the stories of Houston Texans camp. The Fillmore native and former Moorpark High star "has caught nearly everything thrown his way and the work he did with Deshaun Watson this offseason seems to be paying off," per @jharrisfootball Quote Tweet The Texans Wire @TheTexansWire · 16h WR Chad Hansen is building trust with Texans QB Deshaun Watson https://texanswire.usatoday.com/2020/08/20/texans-chad-hansen-building-trust-deshaun-watson/
  10. Baby Huey stole his check last year, coming into camp as a fat out of shape weakling. He got his workout regimen looking at a couple of you-tubes he admitted
  11. Victory Green was the best Jets safety, period. Loved it when he through pain in the ass, strength and conditioning coach John Lott through the showers glass door!
  12. He calls himself the president referring to John Quincy Adams. John Quincy had an estimated 169 IQ. Jamal's 11 wonderlic score is roughly the same as the last digit in JQ Adams score
  13. Adams didn't create turnovers & was no great shakes at coverage. 5 of his 6 1/2 sacks came against confused rookie QBs. JA was nothing more than an All Pro mouth and self promoter

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