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  1. Montrel Meander really lit it up today. The safety, who measures about 6-feet-2-inches and 208 pounds, timed 4.42s in the forty, touched 37.5 inches in the vertical jump and reached 10-feet-4-inches in the broad jump. Meander is being compared to former Hurricane Adrian Colbert, the seventh round pick of the San Francisco 49ers who turned out to be a steal for the franchise. Meander will be making an official thirty visit to see the Indianapolis Colts.
  2. Herndon doesn't deserve one second of suspension, when his record of wrong doing is compared to Kelly's. I'm for giving Kelly a last and I mean last chance but comparing Herndon's violation with Kelly is ridiculous
  3. He was fired in his last two jobs before Bowles hired him, the third time is the charm
  4. Dumb move, I want to give Peepers a chance as coach but we really need to sign a highly regarded GM pronto. "Lazy Legget" made significant improvement as a blocker last year. One week towards the end of the year PFF rated him as one of the three best Jets of that week. As a receiver he caught one short pass. Tomlinson was mediocre as a blocker, a penalty machine and a clumsy oaf. Between Wesco & Tommy we now have two lead footed TEs. The former Falcon TE from Stanford who recently signed with another team, was a more efficient blocker than Tom not so terrific and a 6'8'' redzone target, which he was proficient at in college. Macsh*thead should have been shot before he was fired for using one of his few draft picks on Wesco in the fourth
  5. We are still trying to contact Mark, hope all is well for all of Jetschat posters and him. As far as GM, Manning will never accept the lowly GM job, a small piece of ownership might corral him
  6. Offer the Mann a cheap buy in, 85% of of five billion is worth more than 100% of three billion. Number 18 would add intelligence, improved perceived image and cash value to this Godforsaken team
  7. Raj C. Apr 27, 10:05pm   Jay anything on the Jets front office drama?   Jay G. Apr 27, 10:07pm   Rumor is that MM will be out after the draft and they will be bringing in Eagles’ personnel guy, a good rising name in these ranks, in Joe Douglas who is tight w Gase. Can’t tell you if it’s happening tho
  8. His arms are relatively long
  9. The Dope we hired as a GM, is a stupid piece of sh*t! His mouth moves and he says nothing
  10. The schmuck has no ability to rush the passer. Pass rushers need two qualities explosion and bend , williams has neither. Explosion is measured by the Kirwin formula adding the BP, LJ, VJ, LW numbers are awful but not as bad as his 3 cone 7.59 which is the measure of bend
  11. Hurd was originally running back at the University of Tennessee where he ran for 1,285 yards and 12 touchdowns in 2015 before eventually transferring to Baylor following the 2016 season. At Baylor, Hurd was converted to wide receiver for his final collegiate season and impressed, pulling down 69 passes 946 yards and four touchdowns. Here are all of Jalen Hurd's receiving touchdowns in 2018. Underrated prospect. pic.twitter.com/bDqbX0JR2m — Ryan McCrystal (@Ryan_McCrystal) April 2, 2019 Name: Jalen Hurd School: Baylor Height/Weight: 6′ 5” 226 Combine: Bench: 23 reps 2018 Stats: Rushing: Rec: Att 48 Rec 69 Yds 209 Yds 946 Avg 4.4 Avg 13.7 TD 3 TD 4 Strengths: Unlike many past players with positional versatility, Hurd is more than just a gimmick as he put up impressive numbers at two major programs at both running back and wide receiver. He didn’t run at the combine in Indy but he has been rumored to run in the 4.4’s. As a powerful player who can line up in a variety of spots, he would make an ideal mid-round selection. Weaknesses: As one might expect for a player as raw at the position as Herd, his route running leaves a bit to be desired, but this is something that he may be able to improve over time. Effort as a blocker lacks consistency. Scheme fit: There’s not a coach in the NFL who shouldn’t be able to find a role for Hurd in their offense and Adam Gase is no exception. A coach who is expected to do a far better job of putting offensive players in position to succeed, Gase could utilize Hurd as a red zone target early on while letting him pick up some short yardage carries out of the backfield. Current projections: CBS Sports: 5th round (165 overall) USA Today: 4th round (128 overall) Bleacher Report (Matt Miller) Undrafted Free Agent The post JetNation Prospect Preview: Baylor WR Jalen Hurd appeared first on JetNation.com (NY Jets Blog & Forum). Click here to read the full story... Ran a 4.66 at his Pro Day, claims he has run 4.4s, which clockings from his HS track career bear out https://www.wacotrib.com/sports/baylor/football/busy-job-fair-baylor-draft-hopefuls-show-skills-on-pro/article_03551962-7c78-5250-b2cc-ae9b505ac6a9.html
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