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  1. Bring back Joshua on the condition he tells Zacherle to do the opposite of what ever the hell he told Samule to do!
  2. Your mention of Rosen conjures a point when discussing Wilson. It has been said about both, two rich kids who will quit at any adversity because they don't need the money. Say what you wish about Joshy but he certainly hasn't given up because of family wealth
  3. ZACH WILSON | BYU 6021 | 214 lbs. | JR. Draper, Utah (Corner Canyon) 8/3/1999 (age 21.74) #1 BACKGROUND: Zachary “Zach” Wilson, who is one of six kids, grew up in Draper (20 miles south of Salt Lake City) playing a handful of different sports, but focused on basketball and football where he was coached by his father. He attended Jordan High as a freshman before transferring to Corner Canyon High School and lettered in track, football and basketball. Wilson posted 2,708 yards and 20 touchdowns as a junior, adding 539 rushing yards. As a senior, he finished runner-up for Mr. Football in Utah wit
  4. https://www.pff.com/news/draft-2021-nfl-draft-edge-defender-rankings
  5. https://www.pff.com/news/draft-2021-nfl-draft-superlatives-quarterbacks-trevor-lawrence-justin-fields-trey-lance-mac-jones
  6. Jets gave three seconds for a '21 sixth, a 22 second and fourth not to mention three years of lousy quarterbacking
  7. PFF and many have Spencer Rattler Oklahoma as the best '21 QB. The Rat is listed as 6'1''. If the squirt is the best in '21 as many say, it is imperative that we nab our QB of the future this year from a much stronger class
  8. Johnson & Coleman have the speed to shine in Mike Lafleur's zone stretch offense, not in the sense of Tony's expanding forehead
  9. https://www.pff.com/news/draft-2021-nfl-draft-biggest-winners-losers-pro-days
  10. Pro Day Results Khalil Herbert HT:5087 WT:210 Hand:8 1/2 Arm:31 1/4 Wing:73 7/8 40:4.46/4.48 NFL Scout VJ:33.0 BJ:9’7” SS:4.31
  11. Pro Football Network @PFN365 · 42m . @TonyPauline : I know for a fact the #Jets are high on Khalil Herbert of Virginia Tech as well as Michael Carter of North Carolina. More on this and other teams around the NFL in this week's mailbag.
  12. It can't be copied, I tried so you will have to scroll down
  13. https://nfltraderumors.co/2021-nfl-draft-prospect-meeting-tracker/
  14. Wilson's size, he is well built, I'll tell you a QB you had to worry about his height and weight Patrick Mahomes who is an 1/8 of an inch shorter than Wilson and carried a sloppy 225 lbs, 17.6% body fat to go along with his 9 1/8'' baby hands
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