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  1. I think there a player concussed should not be allowed for four weeks. A second concussion he should be out for the year. three or four cerebral incidents the player should be forced to retire with a nice settlement. Rosters are too small, players come back to soon resulting in further injuries
  2. The most important ability back can have is the ability to cut. Barkley has it, Chubb has it. Hall has better feet than both. As far as his receiving, I'm more concerned what a back does after the catch, It's an area where Hall excels. Our pass blocking is poor, our run blocking is absolute sh*t, with both RBs being hit in the backfield, just after the snap
  3. Where it counts I'm rock solid, wonder if your lady says the same about you?
  4. Has a good arm but is limited by his height and lack of athletic ability
  5. He may have a problem with depth perception, explaining his inability to throw short accurately. I'm not kidding because I have a problem with depth
  6. Archuletta said the second int wasn't his fault. The two TEs the fat bald bastid brought in haven't shown up in the passing game. His best play was recovering the throw back to him and heaving it out of bound saving yardage. Promising start after missing all the exhibition season and first three in the season
  7. Mike Brown for Woody and Douglas. As GMs Buster Douglas AKA Douglas a bust, signed as an edge rusher the always injured Carl Lawson who has yet to have double digit sacks, Mike Brown replaced him with Trey Hendrickson 27.5 Sacks over last two seasons. To invigorate the TE position Bust a Douglas dropped 24 million dollars at CJ Uzomah's feet, while Brown replaced the has done nothing U, with Hayden Hurst who had made big time receptions for 3.5 million this year
  8. Was taken2 picks before Devin White, 4 picks before Josh Allen, 6 picks before Ed Oliver, 9 picks before Rashan Gary, 10 picks before Christian Wilkins, 12 picks before Brian Burns. Fine drafting
  9. Eight hours three days, six hours three days. Lost 170 LBS in a couple of months after my first stroke at just short of 38 was three bills plus, today I weigh 123
  10. Bullsh*t, the only hustle he shows, is the hustle he's laying on Jets fans. Ya want to see a DT play hard watch the effort Watkins made chasing a ball carrier way down to place a lick. As a whole the team doesn't run to the ball hard enough. Two exceptions both fourth round picks. Clemons hustle is well known to Jets fans, Here's a play that illustrates Mitchell's- On one of Flacco's interception. He chased down the interceptor went flying through the air to make the tackle. After falling out of bounds, he scrambled to his feet and help make the recovery. Out of breath, I'm over 75 ride a stationery bike seven to eight hours straight six days a week and never gasp for air, lazy QW should not have to either. Think of the heart and effort the Bills and Dolphins showed in playing to exhaustion in 100 degree weather compare that to lazy QW being gassed after a few downs at 24 years old
  11. The Jet Press @TheJetPress14m It’s stuff like this that makes me seriously concerned about this coaching staff. Just watch the tape from Week 1 and 2. Bengals can’t beat Cover 2 to save their lives. Yet the #Jets come out and attack with Cover 1 and Cover 3 because it’s their system. Make it make sense. The Jet Press @TheJetPress18m The Bengals have struggled against Cover 2 all season. It’s been their kryptonite. So what do the #Jets do? They run it ONCE all game. I get it’s not Saleh/Ulbrich’s bread and butter, but you have to adapt. That’s inexcusable. Andrew Russell @Andrew_Russell7 Snaps vs Cover 2 by week for the Bengals offense: Week 1: 30 (31%) Week 2: 26 (39%) Week 3: 1 (2%) We got stubborn Saleh. Builds his defense on his pride the defensive line, which can't stop the rush and is allergic to rushing the passer
  12. The VERY good news is that JD appears to have overcome his early mistakes to hit a grand slam this off season. Drafted Becton, Mims, Davis, Perine, Morgan, Bryce Hall, Mann Signed as FAs Tomlinson, Whitehead, Jarad Davis, Carl and Shaq Lawson, Ryan Kahil, Pierre Desir
  13. Nania, Blewett & the Jets X Factor crew were praising him as better pass rusher than Hendrickson, how did that work out. How many weeks in a row will the "All Gas crew" come out flat and let our opponents march down and score on the first drive, effectively ending the game
  14. Mitchell easily beats Becton out, he has active arms and feet. Becton's feet are stuck in mud and he uses his arms trying to shove the DE as he is running by him. Mitchell plays at 325 or 330 next year. He was drafted at 304 and early in camp reached 315. Mitchell's added lbs will be good weight, which is not the case for Becton
  15. Just don't compliment by playing QW, his effort is trash
  16. Nice report, I really like how Mitchell coordinates his arms and feet. Breece Hall has great, speed, balance and power but his greatest gift is his fantastic ability to cut. He reminds me of David Montgomery or Nick Chubb in that regard, the biggest difference he comes with a Jet rocket up his ass. BH has the ability to be the best back in the league contingent on the offensive line coming together
  17. As the biggest critic of Quinine Williams I must point out he is playing a little better but hustles hardly at all. This game was indicative a screen to his side he barely went after the ball. Next play Shepherd broke his running down the ball. Four years into his career he still shows nothing.
  18. Quinine has made All Pro allergic to Hustle team every year he has been in the League According to Jake Asman inside source of the Jets Breece Hall is considered the most talented athlete on the team
  19. I've been a Titans/Jets fan since Al Dorow took the first snap from Mike Hudock in 1960. Came over last year when NY Jets Chat folded where I had 100,000 post. I'm 75+ and still suffering this dreaded disease
  20. ... resign Moses, or draft Icky at #4 Icky looked like dog sh*t as a pass blocker the last time he was on TV
  21. To all you jerks who claim to follow the team and have knowledge of the players and were surprised by Hermanns being promoted- Hermanns played on the right side last year and was the most impressive of our young linemen Becton & AVT included, he's a tough son of a bitch who plays to the whistle and even after. This preseason he was moved to the left side and did a nice job pass blocking, looking more natural at LT than Saints #1 Trevor Penning . Hermanns is 6'7 1/2 and was 300, I wouldn't be surprised if he was 315. The most important metric of an O lineman are his agility #S and Herms had an impressive 4.58 shuttle
  22. It's the GM & coach for the way this has been handled, fire them both. You can't believe in all gas and have quinnen Williams on your team
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