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  1. Three years , he was the shopper in charge since the last bum was sh*t canned in 2019. The best player he signed in the first year of his contract is taxi squad, tanzel Smart
  2. Did you watch Superman's game last night? Didn't throw one bad ball, that is better than can be said of any game Mahomes, Rodgers, Brady & Jack Wilson can be said of. Young is good, a lot better than Tua and Mac & Cheese but not in Caleb's class
  3. More accurate & dynamic than Rodgers and Mahomes, while not as elusive as Jackson Superman may be a better runner. Before he completed his first start Kirk Herbstreit was pimping him for this year's Heisman
  4. John Beck has worked with Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan and Dak Presscott. Cavanaugh students Monkey Sanchez, Kellen Clemens, Jay Cutler
  5. Beck's business is helping QBs. Wilson rise as a prospect is validation of his ability. Better Beck as Wilson's mentor, than the jerk who turned Sanchez into a bum
  6. Hire John Beck. He was the guy who turned JW into one of the hottest prospects in the '21 draft. They communicate well, Beck has become a Guru developing QBs. Benefits for JB opportunities for future hot coaching opportunities, if he wants to stay independent source , great pub. Benefit for JD a franchise QB and a job saver. JW needs a friend and his mentor
  7. https://www.pff.com/news/draft-guard-prospect-dru-samia-to-put-technique-first-intensity-a-very-close-second-in-the-nfl
  8. should have looked at Sternberger when cut. Yeboah has some potential as a blocker/receiver, Wesco is a waste of roster space and air for that matter
  9. https://reddit.nflstreamlinks.com/sports/american-football/1
  10. https://web.archive.org/web/20190507213711/https://www.jaguars.com/news/on-new-jaguars-lb-quincy-williams-he-tries-to-bend-your-face-mask-every-chance
  11. Among all rookie CB's, Michael Carter II ranks 2nd Today, 02:37 PM Gang Green Nation @GangGreenNation 6m RT @DWyattHupton: Among all rookie CB's, Michael Carter II ranks 2nd so far this season with a grade of 72.5. That's ahead of 1st round guys like Newsome, Horn & Surtain. He's allowed 77 yards in four games, with 2 pass breakups and 0 penalties & 0 TD's. @DukeFOOTBALL #TakeFlight #DukeInTheNFL https://t.co/1rzwuSmykT Tags: None
  12. He's on his third year. Took over for the coffee drinking prick after the draft and didn't make a waiver claim or sign a UDFA worth crap his 1st year under contract as Jets GM
  13. Davis, doesn't get an inch of separation, can't catch the ball and does nothing after the catch. Mims at least does two of the three fairly well. The problem is the only jerk that wanted this bum on his team is our fat bald sh!t fer brains GM
  14. Morgan & Perine in the 4th. Wasting two thirds to move up for a guard. There were plenty of good players taken much lower Peoples Jones, Slayton, Alex Cappa
  15. Fatso Douglas is a tre' dumb bastid, who has been GM for going on three years. The sycophants who luv him say he has only had two drafts, forgetting his first season that he brought in stars like Pierre Desir. His first draft pick Becton was physically and mentally soft a big schmuck over ultra competitive Cede Lamb
  16. Cavanaugh developed Monkey Sanchez into the piece of sh!t QB he became. No one wept when he was fired- https://www.nfl.com/news/matt-cavanaugh-reportedly-out-as-n-y-jets-qbs-coach-0ap1000000123573
  17. https://www.pff.com/news/2022-nfl-draft-pffs-top-100-nfl-draft-prospects
  18. yeah but Russell didn't have the heart, speed and courage Zach showed making the tackle. It was an ill advised throw, but a great effort making the tackle
  19. I like his competitiveness, my mistake, I've got to do somethin about it. Like a qb who blocks and fights for an extra yard for a first down and for a score. You can keep your chicken sh*ts like Sanchez who looked for the safest route to the sideline, where he can enjoy a Nathan's hot dog. Believe me his team mates take note the kid is not trying to save his ass, but risking his body to make a play
  20. On that throw he was falling away yet the ball went 50 to 55 yds with no use of his legs. More importantly the play showed what a competitor the baby faced bastid is. After moving in the wrong direction the kid got on a horse and beat everyone down the field to make the tackle. I've seen every NY AFL/AFC game since 1960, from Al Dorrow to present his competitive instincts are at the top. Looks like he ran 4.4 chasing the interceptor
  21. https://overthecap.com/2021-season-preview-the-nfls-youngest-and-oldest-rosters/
  22. https://www.nj.com/jets/2021/09/trust-the-process-jets-zach-wilson-is-a-film-room-junkie.html
  23. https://www.ganggreennation.com/2021/9/7/22657306/updating-which-ex-jets-made-it-onto-their-new-teams-rosters
  24. TE KENNY YEBOAH, NEW YORK JETS Yeboah gave us one of the highlights of the preseason with his Hail Mary score this past weekend. He finished with 106 yards to lead all rookie tight ends on six catches. But more importantly to his playing time in New York, Yeboah finished with a 74.8 run-blocking grade. For an undersized receiving tight end, that’s a good start
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