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  1. Miller can bend better than Henry 6.7 cones to 7.2
  2. and how many games did the New England genius lose with his coaching decisions
  3. Julian Stanford*|*Wagner,*OLB*:*2012 NFL Draft Scout Player Profile Team: Wagner Year: 2011 Thru 01/14/12 Player: Julian Stanford Uniform #: 7 Position: DL Class: SR Menu: Schedules/Rankings Roster/Player Stats Offense Defense Spl Teams All Stats Game by Game Games Played Int. Ret. Punt Ret. Pts Tackles Sacks Pass Breakups Forced Fumbles QB Hurries Blocked Kicks No Yds TD No Yds TD TTL TDs Ast Solo Asst Loss Solo Loss Loss Yds Ast Solo Yards Career Totals 43 3 85 2 1 15 0 2 12 97 86 15 28 180 7 13 121 8 3 14 1 Julian Stanford #7 official highlight film - Yo
  4. Dion Lewis should have won the Heisman as a freshman, they undeservedly gave it to Mark Ingram. Dion was a better player as a freshman at Pitt than Tony Dorsett or Shady McCoy
  5. Mevi$$ gave up the one Dreadskins deserved TD
  6. See for yourself- http://draftbreakdown.com/video/jarvis-harrison-vs-mississippi-state-2014/
  7. Scott Wright‏@DraftCountdown32s32 seconds ago DC Poll Results Asking "Best Edge Pass Rusher?" (2,035 Votes): Beasley - 36.5%, Fowler - 27.3%, Gregory - 16.0%, Dupree - 9.4% & Ray - 8.8%
  8. We gave up our 5th & 6th already, a team builds through draft acquiring picks not giving them up
  9. http://www.nyjetschat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=53721
  10. half right, white didn't run at the pro day but he beat Cooper 4.35 to 4.42 at the Combine
  11. Benjamin Allbright‏@AllbrightNFL22 mins22 minutes ago Big scoop if true. RT@NBarlotta_Draft: Have it on good authority. . Ray Rice and Jets working on a deal TBA mon or tues.. would be 2 yr deal
  12. http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/red_zone/2014-NFL-compensatory-pick-projections.html
  13. Bridgewater- http://rotobahn.com/scouting-report-teddy-bridgewater-qb-louisville/ Foosball Johnny- http://rotobahn.com/scouting-report-johnny-manziel-qb-texas-a-m/ Carlos Hyde http://rotobahn.com/scouting-report-carlos-hyde-rb-ohio-state/
  14. http://blogs.ourlads.com/2013/03/27/quarterback-ball-velocity-at-nfl-combine-2008-2012/
  15. A better site- http://www.nfldraftscout.com/members/index.php Click on a prospect rating then regular view you can view prospects their profiles and workouts from 1999 -2015. The Combine and workouts haven't occured yet. You can check out prospects in other years. This is the Database that limited CBS Draft Scout is based on
  16. Tony Baloney Soprano runs a power blocking scheme
  17. Sanchez is 6'2 1/8'' but if his moles were transfered to his feet he'd be 6'8''
  18. What's up, Hank? Since you always transport posts from site to site.....try spreading THIS one around. Let's not get ****ed by the refs. Alert JetNation what's up and put the NFL on notice that we're onto the star-treatment and we are NOT having it
  19. Five pages long because of profiles,skip to the names if you like. Will update http://www.nyjetschat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=25416
  20. Couldn't they banned me twice and a couple of my fellow subversives
  21. {20:40} <Erik_Boland> who is the cheater fan? {20:40} <Maven> hi bbfan {20:40} <bbfan18> how do you ask questions {20:40} <bitonti> he's a closet jets fan {20:40} <sg1> bbfan {20:40} <Maven> wait until you are called on bbfan {20:40} <sg1> bb meaning cheating bill {20:40} <bbfan18> no {20:41} <bbfan18> big brother {20:41} <bbfan18> thank you {20:41} <Banned_From_JI> LOL {20:41} <sg1> ok, I apologize {20:41} <Erik_Boland> haha. that's ok. i'm enjoying reading the back-and-forth {20:
  22. Hi, Special thanks are in order to hmhertz for setting up the chat, and to sg1 for keeping the order of people asking questions. They did a great job, and Erik proved to be an excellent choice. We plan on having Erik back in the future. I've edited out the calling of the order of people to ask questions, as well as the people entering and leaving the room where it didn't add anything to the chat. There were about 15 people in the room, not a bad turnout for this time of year. Thanks to everyone for attending and making it a fun session. {20:00} Erik_Boland joined http://www.ny
  23. You can have them back after the chat
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