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  1. I'd be happy with a good stretch, Brown gives us nothing, Wesco poor wiping!
  2. https://chiefswire.usatoday.com/2019/05/28/kansas-city-chiefs-undrafted-free-agent-spotlight-old-dominion-de-tim-ward/
  3. Plenty of shame in it! It goes along with all his lousy 3rd & fourth rd choices. I'm not a fan of combing picks to move up (AVT) but with fat baldie's batting average in the high mid round area I'd give it a try. There will plenty pf players from rounds 2,3 and 4 who will become contributors. I hated the idea of taking a developmental guy during the pandemic. With his lead feet and inaccurate arm could play star in the movie Hackencrapper returns
  4. Ya left out Morgan Hackencrap!
  5. Your right and Morgan has the accuracy, feet and presence to reach Hackenstink heights
  6. Sign Jacob Hollister a better player than Herndon, Wesco or Brown
  7. With pick 19 in the 2016 NFL Draft, the #Bills selected Shaq Lawson, DE, Clemson. He posted an elite #RAS with poor size, great speed, good explosiveness, great agility at the DE position. #Bills
  8. You said our 2nd and 3rd picks were injured. We had no third round picks injured, both 3s which we entered the draft with were traded to the Vikes in the trade for AJT not injured
  9. Collecting Social Security & still waiting for a chance to fvck Sandra Day O'Connor
  10. What third round picks, we didn't have any. Speaking of picks, it has been widely said our draft ammunition is two ones & two two, we also have two fours
  11. and Gino having a good 1st half, moving around well, reading the defense, throwing blocks, was extolled by the analyst the entire half
  12. Heard today- Bradley Macdougal had a great game, to think he was a throw in for that stiff Adams. Nick Bellore who started as a LB for the Jets and plays FB for the Seahawks is back to playing LB has had an 11 year career and made All Pro as a special teamer., Sam ficken the hated kicker of this board, kicked field goals of 48 & 58 in one quarter for the Titans and is a lock to make the team
  13. Yeboah has been making an effort at blocking and playing hard on the specials, that's what counts! I've seen our stud blocker Wesco whiff on short yardage, pardon my sarcasm. Big deal that he dropped a few passes early in camp and got lit up in an exhibition game, KY is a downfield threat and works to improve his blocking. Wesco has hands of stone and the agility of a cripple, which unfortunately I know first hand
  14. Jeremiah Valoaga he plays a lot faster than he timed. Cautionary note, some times a player is not a 100% or stumbles out of the gate and is never given the opportunity to rectify his poor clocking
  15. It's a good thing we hired a GM who is an expert building offensive lines, Becton upchucking today after sucking all camp
  16. Jeremiah Valoaga & Hermanns played extremely well
  17. Listed on my DVR NFL Network 4:30 also on SNY @ 8;00
  18. Old man will be 28 in a week from NFL draft profile- Weaknesses Will be a 25-year-old rookie when next season starts Appears to be giving route clues to defenders at times Doesn't manipulate defender often enough from breaks and stems Out-breaking routes have been getting jumped for two consecutive seasons Had safeties run his routes on various occasions Will need work as in-line blocker Hands fly out wide into first contact Can improve his play strength at point of attack if he gets his hand placement right Ducks h
  19. Jeremiah Valoaga & Grant Hermmans
  20. Wesco is a pease of sh!t never should have never been taken. Hands of stone and an over-rated blocker. Use Fant as a blocker and hope the other hands improve or Check out George's mitts
  21. Wesco, should never been taken. Blocking TEs who can't catch, can't run and are hardly a force blocking are free agents. The way we waste draft capital has never been matched
  22. J & H Safety Converts: Hamsah Nasirildeen and Jamien Sherwood are amid position changes that are growing even more common in the modern NFL. While both played safety in college, they are now playing linebacker in the pros. Both made their presence felt on Saturday as they were involved in a forced fumble on the goal line. With the physical part often a worry for safety converts, Sherwood and Nasirildeen looked solid out the gate. They finished as two of the Jets' highest-graded defenders.
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