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  1. 3 hours ago, mrcoops said:

    He saw a QB he liked, in the 4th round, and he took a shot. No shame in that.

    Jets have had no certainty at QB in a long time, so you keep picking them until you find one.

    Morgan hasn't worked out yet, but still might if he comes back on the PS.

    And hopefully, this year, we have finally found one. Early signs are good.

    You'll always have more strike-outs than home runs in the draft, especially on day 3.

    Plenty of shame in it! It goes along with all his lousy 3rd & fourth rd

    choices. I'm not a fan of combing picks to move up (AVT) but with

    fat baldie's batting average in  the high mid round area I'd

    give it a try. There will plenty pf players from rounds 2,3 and

    4 who will become contributors. I hated the idea of taking

    a developmental guy during the pandemic. With 

    his lead feet and inaccurate arm could play star in the movie Hackencrapper returns

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  2. 1 minute ago, Prodigal Syndicate said:

    Takes huge balls to cut the last GMs trash and keep your own trash.


    We definitely haven't seen that before.

    I'm sure Perine and Zuniga will turn into good players any second now.

    Ya left out Morgan Hackencrap!

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  3. 6 hours ago, Shelbyblue said:

    I’m not sure it’s always a good thing. Sam had probably the best veteran backups, Flacco, McCown, Bridgewater and he still isn’t any better at decision making or mechanics. I believe good coaching, protection, and reps are most valuable. Your thoughts?

    Your right and Morgan has the accuracy, feet and presence

    to reach Hackenstink heights

  4. Heard today- Bradley Macdougal had a great game, to think he was a throw in for that stiff Adams.

    Nick Bellore who started as  a LB for the Jets and plays FB for the Seahawks is back to playing LB has

    had an 11 year career and made All Pro as a special teamer.,

    Sam ficken the hated kicker of this board, kicked field goals of 48 & 58 in one quarter  for the Titans

    and is a lock to make the team

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  5. Yeboah has been making an effort at blocking and playing

    hard on the specials, that's what counts! I've seen our stud

    blocker Wesco whiff on short yardage, pardon my sarcasm.

    Big deal that he dropped a few passes early in camp

    and got lit up in an exhibition game, KY is a downfield

    threat and works to improve his blocking. Wesco

    has hands of stone and the agility of a cripple, which

    unfortunately I know first hand

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  6. Old man will be 28 in a week


    from NFL draft profile-


    • Will be a 25-year-old rookie when next season starts
    • Appears to be giving route clues to defenders at times
    • Doesn't manipulate defender often enough from breaks and stems
    • Out-breaking routes have been getting jumped for two consecutive seasons
    • Had safeties run his routes on various occasions
    • Will need work as in-line blocker
    • Hands fly out wide into first contact
    • Can improve his play strength at point of attack if he gets his hand placement right
    • Ducks head into contact
    • Won't always look to improve positioning with quality footwork after contact



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