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  1. alen1

    Observation From a Dolphins Fan

    I'm a Dolphins fan as well, 124 and a couple others may know me. I had the Jets with nine wins this year in the off-season and I'm still sticking by that. I think the Jets could get better as the weeks go by. It will be a good game in week 17.
  2. alen1

    It is Keller Time

    Oh I absolutely agree with you. I was just pointing it out as something that he clearly needs to work on.
  3. alen1

    It is Keller Time

    He'll be a very good player for the Jets IMO. He can't block worth a damn but he can stretch the field and is another target for Favre.
  4. alen1

    Jets Sign Ty Law: MERGED

    Could be a very good move. I think very highly of Dwight Lowery and with Law mentoring him, he should get better.
  5. alen1

    Yo Blackout...

    Nice sig.
  6. alen1

    Josh Hamilton

    Wasn't Morneau a replacement?
  7. Damn, I need him to be out for a while (need help in FF).
  8. alen1

    Paul Hackett to ruin another young QB

    Really don't understand what the Raiders do. Its like they don't even put thought in to their moves (i.e. Tommy Kelly).
  9. I agree that he's done. Once Hutchinson left, he was done. You can't take away his production, as he was outstanding but the o-line definitely helped him out a lot. Only way I see him back is if there's a injury as stated in the article.
  10. There's no way they let him go. He's their top target by far. He'll get a hefty contract.
  11. Knew you were gonna post this lol. They were dropped on their head prior to letting him go.
  12. http://sports.espn.go.com/fantasy/football/ffl/story?page=nfldk2K8_nyjcamp Interesting. I think the revamped O-line will be better than last years but not great as some may think. Faneca is getting up there in age and Woody got cut from the Lions, whose O-line is non-existent. Brickashaw hasn't been what was expected. Mangold is one hell of a player. Your guys QB situation is up in the air but I think Clemens will win it. He's a good player imo that needs to be given time to develop more.
  13. Rotoworld.com What a way to end a career and life. First the selling of lean and then this. Wish his family the best.
  14. alen1

    RIP Pops

    Very sorry to hear about your loss bro. Wish you and the rest of the family the best. My condolences.

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