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  1. I'm sure scouts will pound the table for a 178 cornerback that can't tackle and gets beat deep frequently.
  2. I've found it the opposite. Over the past few years as the Pats have evolved into an offensive juggernaut completely reinventing their system into a two tight set, I've just learned to respect the Patriots for what they are.
  3. We raided the sh*tty Cowboys rejects, now you're taking our's. I almost feel sorry for you that you got stuck with Sparano.
  4. The Dolphins defense is a lot better than the Cardinals. They finished 7-9 in a crappy division and playing out of division against the NFC East and the last place schedule with Carolina and Minnesota. They really aren't very good.
  5. He'll dazzle you for three quarters, then put his tail between his legs. He and Mark Sanchez are equals in my book.
  6. How so, exactly? The guy rivals Peyton in terms of intelligence on the football field. I don't know many that were better pre-snap than Pennington.
  7. That's not a surpise. I don't think anyone expected him to gain that strength back in his arm immediately after the fusion any ways. We just don't know if he will ever gain the arm strength back again or not but if he doesn, it's not going to happen for a few months.
  8. I think you guys will end up with DeSean Jackson and you really need a guy like that. What would you make of that?
  9. I don't think anybody hates Welker more than I do. This made my day.
  10. I love this percerption of Ross. How exactly would you spin this as Manning being afraid of Miami because of the freaking owner? For what it's worth. Per Schefter's Insider Blog:
  11. Dude was worse in the playoffs than Dan Marino. Even the one ring he did win, his defense and running game were responsible for (especially the 15-10 win over Baltimore where Vinatieri kicked 5 FGs.)
  12. Weird how he said never. I don't see why he can't flat out admit that he's wrong and that he has no idea what he's talking about when it comes to Stephen Ross being "cheap." He's anything but.
  13. Sigh. http://sports.espn.g...tory?id=5085644 I don't know what's more funny about this. The fact that you're completely wrong, or the fact acted like a complete a$$hole yourself. The point about paying Dansby (close to highest paid line backer) money is that he spends money. It's completely relevant to the discussion. But you're too busy calling ignorant eronoeus bull sh*t on people to figure that out.
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