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  1. This would suck if he doesn't sign, however this would be several extra million + a 1st round compensation pick at their disposal in next year's draft.
  2. Keep this sh*t up & we'll be getting a nice draft pick placement.
  3. According to the announcer, 2 of Hughes' strikeouts came on changeups that froze hitters on the outside corner.
  4. Or what? You'll send him to his room without dinner?
  5. All of Manny's power comes from his dreads. He signs with the Yankees, he'd have to lose them & with them....goes his hitting ability.
  6. Sivy is on a roll! We should all be intimidated by this cunning linguist.
  7. OMGZ UR SEW GAY!11!! Good God, there is some juvenile crap going on here.
  8. I could care less if he's happy to be here or not as long as he puts up Favre-esque numbers. Give me the unhappy, egomaniac over the "just happy to be here" barely mediocre type everyday of the week.
  9. Sounds like most of the guys at my office. One guy was calling Hughes a bust & wanted to trade him, McAllister, & Jackson for Derek Lowe & Juan Pierre.
  10. I've only seen a few posts of yours regarding the prospects so I'm curious...why the hostility towards them?
  11. Apparently the rain is coming down in buckets & Hughes' start has a good chance at being rained out.
  12. Hopefully it's: 1) Sabathia 2) Wang 3) Joba 4) Moose 5) Hughes I wouldn't mind getting Ben Sheets but as injury proned as he is, he is way too big of a risk to sign for multiple years in my opinion. I'm all for bringing Moose back to solidify a rotation spot, Pettitte will probably want $16M for one year again & he is not worth that much for 1 season. Moose has reinvented himself & will probably outperform Pettitte at this stage of their careers plus hopefully he'll come cheaper. Cashman has to bring someone in because just handing rotation spots to Kennedy
  13. I got a few text messages about the trade but that's about it.
  14. Subway Series, Delgado couldn't hang onto the ball that Reyes threw over & he slammed his glove & sunglasses onto the ground like a child. As for the analogy, it wasn't to be taken seriously. It was a joke, obviously not a very good one but a joke nonetheless.
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