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  1. I'm know, but at least we used to have teams like The Eagles and Chiefs who went through the misery of the super bowl drought. Not any more.
  2. Good. It will just make our Super Bowl win next season all the more sweet and legitimate since we beat the elite teams and the previous year's winner on the way there. Don't forget to add that beating our division's top team of the last two decades twice will make it all the more satisfying also. 😊
  3. The night they drove New England down And the bells were ringing The night they drove New England down And the people were singing They went, "Na, la, la, la, na, na La la, na, na, la, la, la, la, la" Back with my wife in Tennessee When one day she called to me "Virgil, quick, come see There goes the Thomas Brady" Now I don't mind choppin' wood And I don't care if the money's no good You take what you need and you leave the rest But they should never have taken the very best The night they drove New England down And the bells…
  4. Douglas should have put a provision into the trade that we also get a 6th round pick if Williams records 3 or more sacks in that game. 😉
  5. Are you all ready for the Vyncint Smith and Sam Darnold show in the second half?
  6. At least we got a chance to go on a 7 game winning streak starting next week. /s
  7. That or he's been hanging out at the kissing booths again.
  8. What's going to suck is that Belichick and Brady are going to ride off into the sunset winners (at least against The Jets). They are not going to wait for the ride down with The Pats. They'll both jump off the sinking ship and we will always hear about us never being able the beat Bill and Tom. At least The Gents can hold their head up somewhat when it comes to beating Bill and Tom.
  9. What's ******* new. How is this any different from any other sh*tty Jets season, or our coach any different from all the others. Give me Mangini any day. It's the same sh*t.
  10. What the ****, really.A Bills fan is going to come onto a Jets board and talk sh*t because The Pats are beating The Jets. Hit the ******* bricks and worry about your own team. A Bills fan, really? Of all the teams. You should pissed off too
  11. This sh*t boogles the mind. It never ******* ends. This sh*t is so ******* frustrating. Every ******* year with Jets sucking and The Pats being great. IT NEVER ******* ENDS!!!! As much as I hate to say this, The Pats are probably the best team of all time up until this point. It's unfortunate we root for a team in their division. Their Defense this year is unreal. Since I'm a Jets fan, the only thing I have to hope for this year is for The Pats to at least lose one game.

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