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    Joe Namath drunkedly hitting on a reporter
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    All of them
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    No, sadly
  1. No, the cancer itself isn't, but just where she had it....do I even want to know how you'd get ass cancer?
  2. Did anyone happen to see what she died from? Not just cancer, she had ass cancer! I usually wouldn't laugh, but that's hilarious!
  3. Good man, positive rep! Dark Side of the Moon FTW!
  4. Agreed. Magic lose this trade.....
  5. Thanks, someone found the right font :)It looks like crap on my sig, though
  6. You know what this is, people are just babies. They try and get all the sympathy they can and play the race card about every little thing. No one tried to offend anyone, and if it did, too bad, it's just a movie, get over it. I don't get mad when people say "cracker" to me, which is the exact same thing as the "n" word. Again, it's just a movie, and it doesn't hurt you in any physical way. Stop being soft, and just don't be a baby...
  7. WOw, the SUns are stupid as ****...they just attempted to give the Cavs the title...Shaq will fall apart and it won't happen, though...
  8. Are they honestly calling Transformers racist? Stupid ass critics and media always blow everything out of proportion and pick apart every little thing about anything. "Oh my god, someone said "black", they're KKK!" Seriously, people are just too soft and get offended way, way, way, way too easily...
  9. Jet's sticker + Megan Fox = 6/5 stars
  10. Do me a favor and refrain from requesting the graphics forum anymore. The request is dully noted.

  11. Yeah, I meant Rondo as a top 5 PG. For top 6 players (in no order, and I couldn't choose just 5): LeBron Wade Granger Durant Paul Howard People will bash me about Granger and Durant, but just watch...
  12. Carmelo? I could agree with the others, but Melo is way too overrated...not saying that he sucks, but he's not even close to one of the best players in the NBA...
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