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  1. funny story. when i was about 6 year sold i had a thriller tape that i used to listen to. then one day i was going through all my uncles albums. y'know....physical graffiti, quadrophenia, dark side odf the moon, aqualung, paranoid...........later that night i threw my thriller tape against the wall and broke it in half......

    Good man, positive rep! Dark Side of the Moon FTW!

  2. You know what this is, people are just babies. They try and get all the sympathy they can and play the race card about every little thing. No one tried to offend anyone, and if it did, too bad, it's just a movie, get over it. I don't get mad when people say "cracker" to me, which is the exact same thing as the "n" word. Again, it's just a movie, and it doesn't hurt you in any physical way. Stop being soft, and just don't be a baby...

  3. Carmelo is definitely better than Rondo.

    But another player that'll be in the league in five years? Derrick Rose.

    I could name 15 easily who are and will be better than Rondo.

    Yeah, I meant Rondo as a top 5 PG. For top 6 players (in no order, and I couldn't choose just 5):







    People will bash me about Granger and Durant, but just watch...

  4. Mine was something I was given when my Dad died.

    It was a Plymouth Volare, I think 75 or 76..

    It must have had 20 recalls :rl:

    But I never canned it cause it was my Dads last car.

    Too bad he didnt read Consumer Reports ;)

    Maybe they didnt have back then :confused:

    Cleo Lemon....EWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Does anyone know where I can find a font like in this sig? Probably dafont.com, but can someone link me? Someone else made that sig for me, but I don't remember who, and I want to use the text for another sig I'm making. Also, on the JN update thread, I'm trying to get Max to put in a graphics forum (may not be popular with some of you, but on every other football site, it brings in a lot more people to the site), so until then I guess I'll use this as my own forum even though you guys don't care :)


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