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  1. Wow, I don't have a problem with homeless people, but they kind of piss me off now....I've seen beggers on the street with signs saying no food or money or anything, and then I've seen some of them get into really nice cars like BMWs...a lot of them are scammers, and when they finally do get some sympathy, they complain it's not enough. Yeah, there are some people whom it's not their fault, but a lot of homeless people are just high school dropouts and criminals, whom we shouldn't have any sympathy for whatsoever.

  2. I know, but isn't amazing how fast the Celtics fans turned on Rondo...

    Yeah, obviously.....now we're going to overhype him again :)

    I would try to be an optimist for this trade, even though I still believe Rondo can be a top 5 overall player soon, but Rudy Gay's potential is still through the roof. I want to know which of these rumors is actually true...hopefully one that includes Perk...

  3. All over the RealGM forums, and it's said all around the web to be true. I'm the biggest Rondo fan ever and this would suck to see him go, but with these two very, very young solid players, I can't say we wouldn't be just as good. Rondo, in my opinion, can easily be in the top 5 overall player discussion within the next few seasons, but Gay's potential is through the roof. Good trade or bad trade?

    I'll say good trade, as I probably just overhype Rondo...

  4. how about some kind of reward system to inspire better posting Max? Say, for instance if someone starts a thread that gets a lot of hits and stays atop the board for a while that poster gets some Vcash...IDK put the number at 1000 views. I like playing poker when times are slow on the boards and I'm running low on cash-thus my concern

    Isn't that what POTW is kind of for? Also, we should make a graphics forum for like signature requests and just "art" in general. Very, very popular on other sites and I love seeing what people can do in PS and Gimp. I was into it myself, but my new computer doesn't have PS or Gimp.

  5. Just out of curiousity, are you taking Matt Ryan because he's young?

    And yeah, there is a very extremely short list of players I'd take over DeMarcus Ware in this league and the only two guys are quarterbacks. (Brees and Manning.)

    When considering this, you have to consider the premiere positions (quarterback, pass rusher and left tackle.)

    I might take Joe Thomas or Jake Long over D'Brick, but I think there are more significant upgrades throughout the rest of the roster because D'Brick is a pretty good player whereas the Jets have nothing at receiver and quarterback.

    I would take Matt Ryan, too. I have been watching him since his playing days at BC before anyone even knew who he was (I'm a BC fan), and I have to say, I honestly think that he can be the next Tom Brady. You can quote me on that.

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