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  1. Where is this? We heard these B.S. rumblings last year, while Mangini was the coach, but nothing since. We have paid Kerry Rhodes, we have paid Jerricho Cotchery and IN TIME we will pay Leon Washington. If you get the chance to get a Top 5 young player at his position, like WR, you do it. Leon should want not only whats best for him but what is best for the team. He will get his money one way or another, getting Marshall improves his chances of winning a ring. But in the end he will get his money whether it be with us or somebody else.

    The only players not getting their money from the Jets are the 30+ year olds like Thomas Jones (2 years remaining-- you do NOT give someone a new contract until they have at least only 1 year remaining) and Pete Kendall.

    I'm only making half a million a season! WAHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  2. He went to school in Delray, I'm not surprised.

    Delray is basically just like a suburban Boca, it's not that bad at all. And Clowney isn't that bright, but he's pretty cool. I went to his camp and it was actually fun, but we didn't get to do a 7 on 7 cause of rain :(

  3. I just saw a story that said Donte will also get 2 years of house arrest after a month in jail and his license revoked forever...too harsh, in my opinion. Yes, he killed someone when he was DUI, but the man's death was due to his own personal negligence. Donte flashed his lights and slammed on his brakes, and when he couldn't stop, he tried to save the man, called 911, called the man's family, and cooperated with police.

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