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  1. Jets-Chiefs score

    31 NYJ 9 KC We do not like the how do you say, Touch-downs? That is the arena ball.
  2. Nothing short of mass ritual seppiku would be honorable in this unlikely scenario.
  3. Surely not, that's awful. For anyone curious with a lot of time on their hands, here is his thread on our site: http://www.chiefsplanet.com/BB/showthread.php?t=165020
  4. Who would his CP equivalent be?
  5. Ok, this is the point at which the SNL skit has gone about two minutes too long and it needs to end sooner than later. I tried, God help me, to see if I could convince any of you that there were people so mind numbingly retarded that they thought Herm was great, but it's sort of like yelling, "Hey, let's eat some more paint chips". In any event, I think I hooked a few fish. Needless to say, Herm is the most pathetic excuse for a coach that we've ever had. I'd trade him at gametime tomorrow for the dude on "Life Goes On" (the character, not the actor). At least you might get an unexpected play call that way. I fully expect you guys to demolish us like the a**clown franchise Carl and Herm have devolved us into. If you don't beat us by at least 3 TDs tomorrow, then you guys should just exile yourselves from the league and join the CFL or something. (Damn it BP, you outed my joke too fast)
  6. No wonder you guyz haver such a small bored always banning ppl who tell the truth about stuff like Herm
  7. Least we aint all ghey likwe New York ****ty. Im pretty smart in my message bored
  8. I may not be edutcated like Herm, but i no he will wipe you guyz asses. Its ok you guyz r scared.
  9. Oh, rite. Doesn't change the fact that Farve is going to get ate alive by ours fearce pass rush
  10. No mans you will see, Herms is teh smart.
  11. Herm is going to show you guys what a mistake you made when you let him goes from 2006. Cheifs wins 42-7.
  12. Chiefs dominated 34-0 today at Carolina. Herm, asked after the game about his team's performance: "I gotta watch the tape."