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    College student at UNI that loves to have fun and watch the Dolphins
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    Fake Spike, 1994.
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    Monday Night Meltdown
  1. If Tom Brady is an epic fail, what does that make Brett Favre?
  2. That's fair. But Miami's game is grind the clock, running the ball, and throwing short passes that will be completed. Our game is more old school while your game is new school it seems. I don't watch your games so I can't really give a good analysis on it. I'm just guessing you guys score quick and score a lot to coast. Our teams are just built different..
  3. Percentages matter... Don't act like they don't. Let's compare your little red zone percentages mean less because of amount of possessions to something else: I score 90% on a test, but only have 10 questions... You score 80% on a test, but have 20 questions... Who did better?
  4. I'm hoping that Miami and New York both win out... Personally I'd like to see a winner take all, loser goes home finale. Pennington vs. Favre? Dolphins vs. Jets? Even better. I hate the Jets, probably more than the Patriots. Why? Because when I was at the Meadowlands last year, they weren't too nice to me. In fact, one or two fans were throwing bottles at my friend. Bottles, man? C'mon... The only thing I am not excited for is John Madden covering this game because it will get flexed because it's a huge game and it's, as Madden would say, "if I could have a team of 10 guys, they
  5. Because Chad deserves none? Without Chad, things would be much different: -We would not be 9-5, that's for sure. -We would not have a top ten red zone percentage. -We would not be +12 in the turnover ratio. -We would not be on pace to set an NFL RECORD for fewest turnovers in a season! -We would not have an opportunity to make the playoffs. Give Chad the respect he deserves...
  6. He didn't drop a ball all season from my memory and I watched EVERY game and I even attended one (Miami @ Jets) last season. I think people are looking at what ESPN said in the past how Miami made a bad decision on passing on Quinn for Ginn. Judging Ginn last season would be stupid simply because look at our quarterback issues and offensive line issues. I don't care what anyone says, Ronnie Brown made that line look respectable last season... When Brown went down, so did the offensive line's production. Jesse Chatman was a solid back up, but he really wasn't as good as some people made hi
  7. I'm a troll? Well, I guess now I know how Rodney Dangerfield felt...
  8. Well it's not like I'm pulling a Jon Kitna.....
  9. You'd think that would hurt my feelings, but after attending the NFL Draft this past year... I heard about every 1-15 insult you could think of.....
  10. Has he found the endzone lately? Que the "Have the Dolphins won lately" jokes....
  11. Riiiiight. Easy, I think they aren't as good as they're made out to be. I think they're very talented musicians, but overhyped a little bit. And I guarantee that the Dolphins win at least one game next year...
  12. Jones will compliment Forte moreso than Benson would, IMO... Good pick up for the Bears.
  13. Personally I think bands like AC/DC, Guns N Roses, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Led Zepplin are kind of overrated because of the media and fashion (all of those teenbops wearing AC/DC shirts but not knowing a song by them is an example)... Metallica could be considered overrated as well, but I think they're one of the greatest rock bands ever. I guess it's pretty tough to name the greatest rock band ever now that I think about it as most are very different in their styles.
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