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    Right end of a Browning 12ga in C.T.,NJ,Alans gone, Big Wood, the Ghost too, Nick is staying.
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    Ah, winning the SB, are there any others?

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    Winning the superbowl...........

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    Meeting klecko, buttle, lyons, and others as a kid, hanging out, having dinner at Diamond Club and restaurants.
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  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?

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  1. Man he has tiny hands....
  2. Lol, some of these people are sad.
  3. Once again. Chance to get it right you made an investment so protect the investment and continue to do so.
  4. Stand or not football has been become a joke in many ways.
  5. Apache 51

    Nike Elite Jerseys

    Are you looking for a real Jerseys that cost over 200$...but in Darnold?
  6. Apache 51

    What are u listening to right now?

  7. Apache 51

    What are u listening to right now?

    Perfect stomach/body none of that ripped guy crap.
  8. Apache 51

    Chad is mentoring Baker

    Oh, I thought most Jet fans thought he was this guy, that guy behind Dock.
  9. Apache 51

    Chad is mentoring Baker

    Who is Chad????
  10. I hope they are simply smashing.
  11. Apache 51

    Our owner is good for the team

    Is CJ the owner now???????
  12. Apache 51

    Who Would You Add To This Team

    Just start building the OL they are 2 years behind.
  13. Apache 51

    Jets Seasoj Tickets Question

    Gonna lose preseason game eventually gonna add another reg. season game.
  14. Apache 51

    Dolphins claim Petty

    The rich get richer....
  15. That's why they suck and will continue too...football is won in the pits.