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    Right end of a Browning 12ga in C.T.,Alans gone,Big Wood,The Ghost too,Nick is staying.
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    Ah, winning the SB, are there any others?

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    Winning the superbowl...........

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    Meeting klecko, buttle, lyons, and others as a kid, hanging out, having dinner at Diamond Club and restaurants.
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  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?

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  1. They are great for big magnet use or this...........
  2. Apache 51

    Sam Darnold,USC QB

    Don't need a franchise QB, just a good dependable and consistent one with a Defense.
  3. Apache 51

    Jets Account Manager @ TicketMaster website

    Yet the site continues to take hard earned dollars giving nothing in return.
  4. Apache 51

    I am so sick of Tiger Woods....

    Right remember Fuzzy, the Walrus, etc. smoking a boge while the play.... Gary Mccord, Peter Aliss characters make sport all around. Football has no characters for years now, sucks balls. ******* sad.
  5. Apache 51

    I am so sick of Tiger Woods....

    So classic....
  6. Apache 51

    I am so sick of Tiger Woods....

    Point number 2 is correct. Golf, tennis, and ice hockey are rich man sports that's prolly why they, "suck", to most. My body wishes I played only golf and tennis alone from age 5 to age 21 instead of fullback, linebacker, catcher and goalie. Should have listened to mom I'd still be playing golf and tennis now.
  7. We don't need money, we were wealthy prior to but thanks though.
  8. Who are they? I don't even know they. Towns are still relatively good, plus it's fun to dive bomb at visiting NY tags and watch them freak.
  9. Well either way I wouldn't move here both towns were ruined 20 years ago by assholes from big cities that prefer sidewalks over trees and think they created the best school district and safest town in NJ, if they only knew. P.S. signed the real Batman...lol.
  10. Apache 51

    Word Association

  11. Personally, I would like a new trophy don't care if they win one in skirts, huh well, that came full circle.
  12. Apache 51

    Season reward cards

    You gave the Jets the reward.
  13. Apache 51

    Word Association