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    Right end of a Browning 12ga in Morris Co.,NJ, Alans gone, Big Wood and the Ghost too, Nick is still on my left.
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    Ah, winning the SB, are there any others?

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    winning the superbowl

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    meeting klecko, buttle, lyons, and others as a kid, hanging out, having dinner
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  1. Turkey Day Football Games Thread.

    Big bird..check her husbands pockets.
  2. Watson type quarterbacks are the wave of the future.
  3. Chiefs sign Revis

    Go gettem D.Rev glad ur back.
  4. Fitz 2-0 as starter

    Good qbs beat good teams.
  5. Sunday Games Thread

    Would love to see the Birds shove it up Jerry's ass.
  6. Sunday Games Thread

    Red Zone....no need for direct tv. Supposed to show red zone they show much more.
  7. I don't think that's true so much anymore that used to be a prerequisite for the position over time women have become more like men and men have become more like women.
  8. He should of thanked them for not breaking his leg.
  9. Bye Week Blues

    Hopefully watch some real football as Philly knocks the snot out of Dallas.
  10. Yikes what happened to USC cheerleaders
  11. He looked a lil like goober there with his hat on.
  12. Just don't see it being a fit.