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    .....Right end of a Browning 12ga in Chatham Twp.,N.J. Nick is the only one left.
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    Ah, winning the SB, are there any others?

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    Winning the superbowl...........

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    Meeting klecko, buttle, lyons, and others as a kid, hanging out, having dinner at Diamond Club and restaurants.
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  1. I hope so....they need to find out who the foundation will be..the least effort spent on wasted picks players etc..The better..young capable QB..there I made it a little easier for them....now get to work the clock is ticking...lotta work.
  2. Apache 51

    Word Association

  3. Apache 51

    Forget about Hunt

    They pretty much are, but in NJ, nobody cares about Ohio unless you went to Ohio State or are named Boomer.
  4. Apache 51

    Forget about Hunt

  5. Apache 51

    Forget about Hunt

    You can't hide anything in NY/NJ.
  6. Dallas sux and NE swallows, period
  7. Nah, it aint like that....
  8. Apache 51

    Mac has to trade down...

    Bodies, they need bodies, some basic foundational solid players not superstars.
  9. Apache 51

    Word Association

  10. Defense needs a wake up call.
  11. Apache 51

    Special Teams dept. ~ ~ ~

    I care about ST's, but I Don't care about ST's.
  12. Apache 51

    Word Association

  13. Power structure, what power structure. I am stuck on a bandaid a cause bandaids stuck on me.

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