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    Having dinners at a restaurant. or the Diamond Club with various Jets.
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  1. I agree, it takes a team. But it starts and revolves around OL/ DL and Qb.
  2. I'm not asking for multiple times. Move the chains, keep their O off the field, give your D a rest, not always but an offense has to do more than 3 and out. I'm not expecting that from this O, and Qb playing together for the second time, and a Qb with his 4th start overall, but the Jets have had that MO for years. We need 6's not 3's. There is a prime example of what they do..........But they are young I'm counting on JD I don't expect this to go on year after year again.
  3. Not when we, (the O), Gets the ball back. When the O HAS the ball every time ,it has the ball, or at least move the chains so ST can pin them deep so D can make them punt deep SO we can get good field position. It's basically a See-Saw if you don't score.
  4. They have kept it close, Vikes have chemistry, JETS O has to move the chains, and score. Think about it if we got 7, and they didn't because we kept their O of the field the score may be 10-10.
  5. Jets are getting corn holed, by Refs! Coach keeping his composure, that is good. On the road, Good team that has played together for years.....We are not yet, yet. 2nd half. Let's see how they come out and play I will be happy if they keep it tight.
  6. I thought you had to lead with the crown of your helmet for spearing? Did they change that rule?
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