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    Right end of a Browning 12ga in C.T.,Alans gone,Big Wood,The Ghost too,Nick is staying.
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    Ah, winning the SB, are there any others?

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    Winning the superbowl...........

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    Meeting klecko, buttle, lyons, and others as a kid, hanging out, having dinner at Diamond Club and restaurants.
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  1. Apache 51

    JetNation Site Rules

    Read my prior post....Google gives suggestions, political adds, thought you sold political space.
  2. Apache 51

    JetNation Site Rules

    oh thats google.....my mistake.
  3. And how many SB'S did that bring?
  4. Apache 51

    JetNation Site Rules

    Just political campaign monies?
  5. Apache 51


    Let me simplify things. There are about 8-12 successful, perennial, teams/0rg.s and the Jets aren't one of them them they had one great year, many moons ago. Other teams with less history have been and are more successful. Maybe when the owner changes this will change, however, other less successful teams with less time in football have passed them by wether it be on a regular season basis as a benchmark or a division title, or more importantly a Lombardi trophy.
  6. Apache 51

    Word Association

  7. Apache 51

    JetNation Site Rules

    So politics are allowed here now?
  8. 1 SB, between the 2 teams in their entire existence, sad, I think it's your turn to win a Regular season game between the two teams, yippie.
  9. Apache 51


    The Jets haven't been blocked, they suck. Patriots have had no competition for 20 years they are 1-4 in SB against the NFC east. AFCE prior to 2000, or whatever what Jets x1, Fins x2? thats 50 plus years, 50 years of crap, the 1-4 almost 0-4.
  10. Apache 51


    Dude, the Jets suck and will always suck maybe if Skirt/RPO ball is still around 20 years from now the Jets will win the only thing that matters a SB, prolly be flag football by then. The only other chance is a new owner, or the 8 dominant Org's in the NFL go to crap. Lets see what happens.
  11. Apache 51


    The only thing that matters..or are you part of the celebrate the division win generation?
  12. Apache 51

    The Wife Wants To Move To NJ

    Ahh people..nj is the wealthiest state in the union...and the inn is full try NY.
  13. Apache 51


    Those 3 will be in the way....period.
  14. Apache 51


    Bottom line, patriots continue to win games they need to win, Jets don't, Luck and Colts suck balls. Maybe just maybe when Brady goes Jets will be in it, by then it will be Mahommes and Mayfield and Goff in the way.It's a vicious cycle.

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