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    Ah, winning the SB, are there any others?

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    Winning the superbowl...........

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    Meeting klecko, buttle, lyons, and others as a kid, hanging out, having dinner at Diamond Club and restaurants.
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  1. To me it's just like the Devils and the Pru- Center, the Rock, it has no soul. Shea good, bad, or indifferent it had a soul. Met Life is a morgue. Maybe winning will change the crowd.
  2. Williams will make him a better player if that's possible.
  3. OH, looks and he picked it off, oh wait no he didn't. LOOKS like he made the catch, oh wait his foot out of bounds. LOOKS like the Jets have the first down, oh no the are a little short. It's the radio quit giving false hope only to be wrong. Papa doesn't jump the gun, BW sucks balls.
  4. He is answering questions. He is brutally honest. I like that.
  5. Lead by example. Sometimes you gotta knock some heads. See Troy Aikman, Tom Brady etc.
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