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  1. Like I said a few years ago things will change around here and they will, for the better with JD. He has and continues to work on the guys in the pits were the priority should have been after Nick, Allen, Brick, DaWoo. I think Becton was a mistake and that happens. You don't need a guy that big and tall(injury prone)only so many Ogdens, Paces', Thomas', etc. in the world at LT anyway, seems to me D's are putting smaller quicker guys with less surface area to block to try and go around guys that size and get home to the QB. Wish him well! Next. I like having the shorter OL across the board anyway with the shorter Qb, once they gel it's up to you Kid. I'd like to see 9 wins this year, but not expecting them.
  2. I see. I haven't searched any Poli sites. I was just wondering and have not been on in a while and thought Poli was off limits. Ya gotta do, what ya gotta do Max. This site has kept me in the loop, helped me learn more about computer usage(my senior year of HS '84, we had the first computer room, and course I had an have no interest in computers), and changing technology, and sometimes a place to get ones mind off of things. So very much aAppreciated!!
  3. I can remember playing blue light with my cousin during the ride home from feast in Lil Italy, in my Uncles car with our rents.
  4. Eagles, Texans have great logos, simple too.
  5. Was just going to listen to the Smiths next....weird.
  6. Why am I getting political pop up campaign ads and is this beyond my control?
  7. Tell them. Thanks, but No Thanks. That's what I would do.
  8. In this case scenario totally agree with you.
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