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  1. A few of you asked about Matt Jones during the live chat yesterday and Bob Glauber has a little more on that this morning, writing that league sources indicated to him that the Jets and [surprise!] Cowboys might be interested in Jones.

    The first step either team would need to take, however, would be to check with the league to see if any further punishment is coming Jones' way as a result of his probation violation. Jones earned a three-game suspension last year after being arrested in a cocaine possession incident.

    High risk, obviously, for the Jets if they dip their toe in these waters. But the reward could be high, too. Jones is only 25, he's 6-6 and in four seasons he's averaged 13.0 yards per reception and hauled in 15 touchdowns.

    bring em on up, we got plenty of coke and beer.....

  2. he is going into his 9th year..his back is not the greatest...we need a younger capable partner to share the load....this is extremely important, it hinges upon our entire d:box::box::box::box:

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