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  1. Yes, I did change what you wrote...should I have put a 'fixed' there? I thought it was pretty clear.

    Philly is always just one player short of a title. The one time they had a legit WR for McNabb, they almost won the Super Bowl. I can't believe the owners have let this team go so long without going after a WR.

    Woody is a better owner than that.

    so they played with 21 players.... now i understand......garcia and feeley did pretty well , had no trouble with the same receivers , your right eleven years of bad receivers...we would have been much better off with octopuses

  2. Duh. They're trying to improve the team and provide both themselves and their fans the best possible chance of WINNING a title.


    finally, someone has opened their wallet... 40 years later..a title does not go hand in hand though...but its a beginning ........ lets go woody.......

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