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  1. thats how a real qb talks.... i and me , not we...how would you like to have listened to mcnabb the last 9 years ...it was never i , it was always we...yeah we threw the ball out of reach,we didnt get rid of the football out of bounds, we had no sense of time on the clock, i could go on. and his coach went along with it...now its the defense it was always a good and great defense he or should i say we were always the problem.. no i know you would say this guys crazy it was a real good ten years, yeah but with no trophy....and thats the bottom line. winning is fun but i want a jet superbowl win. maybe mcnabb will a step above the rest like a real qb and equal this d for a change........sorry i had to get my final thoughts out on mcnabb, yes he can be superman at times..all teams need is a qb, brett may be old but he has always been a QB

  2. maybe spags wouldnt be such a bad choice, he comes from good eagle d stock, if they dont make the playoffs its only his first year, he is cheaper, any big name is going to want money, control and time.... although he might need different players to play his d....i am also a eagle season tix holder....and i would love to, love to have a real killer d and a fan base that that was in to it for a change.........

  3. the way i see it the odds are we are not going anywhere even if we make the playoffs, by the misfortune of another team. that sums it up..now anything can happen look at last years giants.if this team can go 10-6 that would be great, better than 4-12.new guys to the team, new qb we needed a new qb before favre... so we had a little fun with the hof'er.. yes we may have wasted another year, but thats normal around here. if we can get that d to perform all year long, and find a qb for the future...no easy task...there is still time.i dont think we can blame mangini entirely, by bringing in favre, and i love him, it upset manginis plans and set him back a year. your qb is everything in the nfl.

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