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  1. i hate to tell you this, but the odds of him coming here and just picking up where he left off along with our team is not likely...besides there are other guys paying their dues and waiting for a shot. the last thing we need is him coming in and upsetting the apple cart. we seem to handle that just fine. although it could be exciting...would it guarantee a trophy?
  2. we need a qb to step up
  3. 2 tickets in section 240, row 2. parking pass, all for face value. nice viewpoint! SOLD
  4. :cheers:after number one they are all second best
  5. 2 seats in 240, season tix plus parking, face value.
  6. thanks, im about 6 miles away from the new camp, 2 miles away from our new lineman, and 7 miles away from the kid
  7. just joined , checking it out
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