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  1. Don't forget Animal House, Vision Quest, Fast times at Ridgemont High, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles.
  2. Brings back memories round 1976, had a tape of Dead from 1976 Englishtown, NJ, one of the many benefits of having a best friend with older brothers 10 years our senior, so at 11 I had that plenty of tapes, and remember having a total of 2, 8 track tapes....... Queen A night at the Opera and CSN with this song. I'm not a hippie born in '65, love all kinds of music. Good Fkin Music...
  3. Used to watch her on B&R when I was around 8, Jeannie too, around 72'ish. They were smoking hot, smoking.
  4. Sanchez was a gym rat. We used to play a game at recess called ''Kill the Guy with the Ball'' back in the late 70's when we then 7th and 8th grade boys were aloud to beat the living **** out of of each other on playgrounds of white privilege. Sanchez was under a head coach that was very good at doing just that, it's a shame that ownership or management didn't recognize that right out of the shoot and handled it accordingly. Rex didn't know **** about how to handle Sanchez, shame.
  5. I I remember SAR doing something with Gruden, and Juden many many moons ago, it was entertaining. Maybe it's the wrong site or person, however, memory usually serves.
  6. The Qb position and O is nothing with an O line, for the most part.
  7. Shame it went past the 2 min. requirement prolly would have heard it on WCBS 101.1, in 72 oldies with cousin Brucie? on my moms car radio. Nah, they didn't necessarily play that kinda funk, just Wild Cherry....? Lol. Awesome.
  8. I am amazed how the word "great" is used around here, actually in many places.
  9. Geebus, we gotta see who can play, or wants to play, with the so called 1st team especially when it's not a true test given the opt outs ext. from a covid year against with all our opponents.
  10. You didn't have to share that, but you did, sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing. I look at AT as a celebration of life, 80, Jeopardy, watch it mostly every night, good for the brain. I am in know way trying to draw any comparisons to your loss, to AT nobody replaces a mother or can fill her shoes.
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