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  1. Stabler died at age 69... I believe of CC. Man he was fun to watch, they all were back then. Another Bama QB. Stabler died of colon cancer on July 8, 2015, at the age of 69. He had been diagnosed with the disease in February 2015. After some initial confusion when The Tuscaloosa News leaked a draft obituary for Stabler before word of his death could be confirmed, his family confirmed his death in a statement issued on July 9.[48][49] Renowned for being cool and cerebral on the field, Stabler was equally legendary for his off-field exploits;[citation needed] he wrote in his 1986 autobiography Snake, "The monotony of [training] camp was so oppressive that without the diversions of whiskey and women, those of us who were wired for activity and no more than six hours sleep a night might have gone berserk".[46] Stabler told stories of drunk Raiders teammates pointing guns at him, and bailing out a teammate from jail who was wearing nothing but blue cowboy boots and his Super Bowl ring. "We were the only pro team who traveled with its own bail bondsman", he said.[47]................ ........................................
  2. I heard some guys never even got a chance to experience hospital food. Makes no sense do your PT at the gym, or home get a third tie breaker opinion? idk
  3. For some reason the Divinlys pop in my head. Sorry couldn't resist.
  4. Ok, you got the ball back. Score 6, not 3.
  5. Give JD time that is, could be 14 -14, O can't win scoring 3's and go 3 and out. Have work work twice as hard to score points cause any D would be challenged by Chief O.
  6. O- line most important thing if you want to score points. Takes time to build and gel they really work as one. It will be addressed, give him time.
  7. Unless we go 3 and out or something, or just get 3.
  8. 11-0, 0ne quarter down we are still in this.
  9. Great call Trent, only two things the punter can do.
  10. Screen play takes time to develop. They were in the RZ..........4 plays to go North and South.
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