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  1. On 9/7/2020 at 12:34 PM, munchmemory said:

    Struggling mightily with anxiety and depression so guess I need this an audio tonic.  I was at this show.   Thinking back on how long ago it was is actually making me more depressed.   Sat close to Page's side and my hearing has never been the same.  Still my greatest guitar hero.

    Hope you are feeling better....I hear yah. As you know lotta songs are written about chicks, girls women and love etc,

    These tunes all but one are from like I when was a 7/8? and listened to on my mothers radio on CBS 101.1 '' The Oldies''?? Station. I refer back to them for calmness sounds weird but, helps me mellow out. 


    She's got the Trifecta....sings, plays, writes. Love her....great voice, no, but there it seems to fit somehow even at this age.

    Dead head since age 10 I'm gonna be 55,geez. I used to not really listen to this song cause its a downer, I always pay attention to the lyrics of a song, obviously being the most important part. This is a great song, commercials ruin it skip through.

    I leave you with an upper,kinda, at least instrumentally. But remember better Dead than Led! Love this song.

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