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  1. Ford When I was younger it was Chevy Rots, and Found Off Road Dead, and women didn't need plastic surgery. or or......
  2. Now you are talking, Kevin Kline no dummy, we never saw her again.
  3. Good Times, Chico and the Man, Brady Bunch, All in the Family, Partridge Family, Wild Kingdom Sanford and son, were great shows to watch from age 5 to 10. Batman, and IDO Jeannie weren't bad either, lol.
  4. That was a good show, young actors got all f'ed up though.
  5. Catwoman or Jean Chrebet. Jeannie or Catwoman?
  6. Who the hell hires someone because Peyton gave a thumbs up. It's an absolute joke and makes me sick to my stomach that people in a position to be fortunate enough to own any franchise don't have the brains to hire people that are smarter around them, JD is our only hope.
  7. It's like no other game you win, or lose. Just don't pay attention to the minor details and you will be ok. Give JD some time.
  8. You're a stat guy tell me how many 3 and outs the O has had over the last 10 years.
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