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  1. Topic: NY Post: Show Revis the Money The Nomination: "well said." Bruce Banner Editor's Note:
  2. Topic: Jets unveil Ring of Honor The Nomination: "awesome" Sperm Edwards Editor's Note:
  3. Topic: 40-Ton Whale Crash Lands on Couple's Yacht The Nomination: "funny" Bruce Banner Editor's Note:
  4. Topic: Bandwagon Jet Nation posters... The Nomination: "It is great to have a bandwagon for the massess to jump on...As a long time Jets fan this post captures our collective positive vibe about the upcoming season." LWC611 Editor's Note:
  5. gangreenman has also reported this item. Reason:
  6. Topic: New Dicks Sporting Good Commercial with Revis The Nomination: "funny." Bruce Banner Editor's Note:
  7. Topic: *** The Goonies: Mafia Game Thread *** The Nomination: "Awesome" RuninOut Editor's Note:
  8. Topic: JetNation Has A BIG Announcement The Nomination: "LOL!!!!!!!!" Max Editor's Note:
  9. Topic: Hot or Not #5: Gisele Bundchen The Nomination: "ok now that is funny stuff" jgb Editor's Note:
  10. Topic: any body notice that baseball got wrong The Nomination: "I don't understand it, but I love it" Mentos Editor's Note:
  11. [url=http://www.jetnation.com/forums/member.php?u=137]Blackout
  12. Topic: Jason Taylor Not Torn on Fins-Jets QB's The Nomination: "post of da century" [url=http://www.jetnation.com/forums/member.php?u=137]Blackout
  13. Topic: GMJohnson sucks. The Nomination: "Nuff said." Klecko73isGod Editor's Note:
  14. Topic: S. African killed by wife, kids in TV spat The Nomination: "That's ****ing priceless." New York Mick Editor's Note:
  15. Topic: Kim Jong Il invents invisible cell phone, using it to win World Cup The Nomination: "will never win but damn it's funy" jgb Editor's Note:
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