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    Staten Island !!!

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    liftin-juicin-hot chicks- jetsyeahhhhh
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    when we won it all!
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    is a turd brown?
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    when we didnt do so good.

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  1. Kicked there asses!! 1-0 baby! 1st place! J E T S... JETSSSSSSSSS Yeab!!!
  2. Pats stink. FIshfags stink. We murdelized da Raders today!!! Its our time to kick some ass!!! We da beast from da east now baby!!!
  3. Our 1s way betta then they 1s. Owned them stupid pussies.
  4. We gona have da best D in the league this year! Dont worry bout it..when we murderin da offence!!!
  5. Is that you in the lil pictur??? You a babe!!!! And I like ya style!!! G-boys are numro dos in dis town!!!
  6. whatchu talkin baout. c'mon lets see them legs hunny.
  7. he aight. he probbaly cant even bench 5 hundie...but he ok for a skinny pretty boy.
  8. Keep it simpe BOYZ, keep it simple..then when the season opens BLAMMO!!!!!!
  9. For reals bro!!! he not tough. He talk like a fag!.. dude dont even curse!!! fish gonna suck again!!! lets get a F'N snack FOR LIF#!!!!!!! wht the J>E>T>S will always squich da faggy fish!
  10. da fish fags suck..your qb sucks too. talk is cheap in august punks!!!
  11. shut up doosh bag!!! go hate somweres else!!! we gone rape the gaytriots...CANT WAIT!!!! JJJJ EEEE TTTT SSSSSS FFF YeAh!!!!!!!!
  12. Sit him til week 1, who cares! he the best in the game.
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