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  • What is your favorite Jets related memory?
    2002 AFC Wild Card game at home Jets shutout the Colts 41-0
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  • What Jets memory broke your heart?
    2004 AFC Divisional Playoff game in Pittsburgh vs. the Steelers doug brien missed 2 potential game winning field goals and the steelers beat the jets =[
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
  1. anyone goin to jet/giant preseason game

    dont know if i can make it...if i can we'll be tailgating baby
  2. push for lynch?

    yea dude rhodes is a ss
  3. who's your favorite jet goin into 08?

    my favorite jet this season would have to be kerry rhodes...hes a big impact player, he's all over the field making great plays. i think this season hes gonna show hes a true leader to the green and white.
  4. GB wants a 2nd round pick for Favre.

    i think favre would definitely improve the team. we have such a great offensive line and a very improved defense all we are missing is a consistent qb, a big time player, and another good corner to go with revis. brett favre would look great in the green and white. i say offer bryan thomas for him, he slacked off last year and since the additions of calvin pace and vernon gholston, there might not be room for him. but one problem...does anyone notice favre is on the madden 09 cover....does anyone remember the madden curse? i dont want any more bull**** to happen to this team if he comes here....
  5. Jets Starting QB

    the jets have a good offensive line and we all know pennington has led us to the playoffs before with a line that was as great as this one but with his poor armstrength idk if hes the right guy for the job. clemens has a great arm he just needs to work on his accuracy. the best bet for a starting qb is the jets need to trade for brett favre. favre wants out of green bay and with the jets great offensive line a good running back i think a quality qb like favre could send us back into the playoffs.