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  1. To the fans of the Jets Addicts,

    After seeing this NFLFans website fail once again, and after talking with some of the long time posters the last time we had issues with them, we discussed making a contingency plan in case we ever needed to move.  Now that it looks like the JA will be starting over from scratch as the NFLFans site has lost all of our content, so it is time to move. Unfortunate but that is the breaks. 


    So come on over to http://www.nyjetsaddicts.com and sign up!  No more being a bunch of unwanted guests in someone elses house.  No more relying on a bunch of guys who didn't really want us there to keep our own board in running order.  I am taking it upon myself to pay for the JA to be ressurected and also bought the hosting and maintenance package at VBulletin to ensure we don't have these issues anymore. 


    To those of you who are not regulars at the Jets Addicts Board, I hope you come by as well.  Please help me get the word out and let's give TBrady and the JA faithful their own house back. 


    Also to the Mods of this board, I apologize for any intrusion here but I thought it would be a good way to get the word out to our guys...I I know we get a lot of cross traffic.  I hope you allow this posting and look at it not as any kind of spam or recruitment against your traffic, but just as a professional courtesy to a group of likeminded Jets Fans. 



    NFLs StepChild

  2. Ah, yes, the "you pathetic troll posting on a rival board - get a life you sad sack of poop" retort is pretty typical of a fanbase with some serious issues with insecurity.

    It's funny. It's also stupid. Anyone that sides with Papparzzi has got to be a retahd. How's that for sad?

    What can I say, you must be right and everyone else must be wrong...

  3. Plaintiff might survive a 12b6 motion, but I strongly doubt they can survive a motion for summary dismissal.

    There is no tort of negligent infliction of emotional distress so in order for the plaintiff to prevail they are going to either have to prove:

    1) B&B gave direct instruction to the security forces to use deadly force. (Hmmm....what do your really think the chances are either of them actual were involved in the security planning. More likely that was all handled by someone else.)


    2) That these people were employees of B&B and not independent contractors.

    It is interesting that the only damages they allege are the costs of send the paparazzi to Costa Rica and the failure to secure a photo that is an actionable invasion of privacy.

    I love how all you know nothing ass clowns turn into lawyers everytime your players/franchise are under legal or contract or whatever scrutiny they put themselves under.

    Get. A. Life. Troll. You are pathetic.

  4. Twitter is an amazing tool. People who blast it, generally don't understand it. I don't mean that just to you GOB, but I see it a lot. It is a good tool for a variety of "real world" purposes. More than just the "I am on the porch" kind of updates.

    OK I'll bite. What are they? The real world purposes that is?

    I use social networking like LinkedIn for business and that is a tremendous tool. For graphic artists and developers, ok facebook/myspace I get the purpose there. Twitter to me is only relevant for entertainment purposes, publicist statements, people who need to be in the know about their favorite artist or whatever...but any of the social networking sites can do that. What is so special about twitter? Seems the functionality is weak comapred to other sites and it also seems very limited by it's design. Other than someone being able to communicate to a specific fanbase (which can also be done with any other site or email in real time), what makes it so special.

  5. You're insane. As long as it's done by Sunday night, I'll take him.

    He probably wouldn't play much in Week 1 anyways.

    Yeah, while 124 is misguided I will agree with him here, there is a reason the trade deadline is week 6. He can come here and be impactful within just a week or 2 later. Whether that's week 1, 2, 3, 4, whatever... he'd help.

    Now is he worth the risk and headache and asking price? That's a whole different question.

  6. just because it pissed me off that he told everyone i said something ridiculous when i didn't and i wanted to show that he's a liar.

    Don't worry nobody's really listening. The trolls on this board are all the same, speak often but say nothing. Helps stir the pot thought and rile up the natives so it's good for Max's page views I guess. Doens't make for any quality conversation tho.

  7. just because i wanted to show that you are making up a load of BS that i said people who cheat but aren't caught are innocent....here's the exchange we had about the subject in the rodney harrison thread:

    here's what you said:

    and here was my response:

    i even bolded the part where i clearly said caught or not caught they are both guilty. so now you can go back and edit your BS posts calling me out....

    NeckDemon, why are you even engaging this guy? He's a complete loser. A pats fan who spends his entire day on a Jets board trying to prove how smart he is by being a snide little douchebag.

    Also this is the dumbest thread I have seen in quite some time. So long as Peyton Manning is their QB they will be good.

  8. If there was a trade in the works Harris would not have played tonight. Hopefully the Jets told the Broncos to shove it and offered a 1st and 4th.

    Hopefully not. 2nd and 5th is a ceiling for a diva douchebag who decided to mock a practice, has a hip injury and wants a huge contract and doesn't want to play for his current team. Paying through the nose when you are in a position of strength would be the mark of a loser. I keep hoping we are not that. If they want to pretend like they are going to keep this circus going, fine, let them stew in their juices. This will only get worse for them and they KNOW IT.

  9. Here, he picks the players.

    What evidence do you have to support that? By all accounts he has always made decisions by a committee approach (the coach, the gm, Bradway, and Clinkscales) on draft day selections. Yes, he is ultimately accountable for them, but any good executive uses the input from the people under him to make his decisions. Most execs never get into the weeds, this is no different. Even the great Ozzie does that. Guys at that level simply can not know the details of the players, draft boards and team research are crafted for months leading up to the draft and decisions are made based on that.

    I'm not saying he's some great GM by any stretch, but you are just making baseless assumptions here.

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