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  1. Yup. Great signing to use him and Maroney as a 1-2 punch.
  2. Ehh, I like where you are going there, but disagree on Tebow at this point. Unless Tebow becomes a great pocket passer and doesn't try to run his way out of pocket pressure this year, he won't be much of an NFL QB. In fact he would be best served by staying another ear after this if that is the case. He needs to fine tune his game a lot if he wants to be a top 10 pick in the draft. Next years QB class at this point doesn't excite me that much. Lot of high risk/high reward players that will need to be trained properly to be successful at the next level. Lot of green QBs. I like Staffords development so far and if he can mature as much this year as he did last year I think he might be ready for the NFL, but that's a tall order. Some folks like Harper and Bradford, but I'm not sure - should be an interesting year to watch those guys though. There just may not be an elite QB coming out next year. If not there are plenty of other sick options to choose from though at other positions. And all of them are better options than Favre at this point in his career.
  3. Bellicheck is a small pathetic man. Loves to bring in our guys to stick it to us. This pathetic little douche has had a hard on against this team ever since Leon Hess gave him a second chance after being a complete failure as a HC. Hope he gets a parasitic virus that eats away his testicles.
  4. Most teams backups do sign and greets after the practices. Nothing out of the ordinary there.
  5. Lets dispel this concept of Chad plus a pick. THERE IS NO WAY ANY TEAM WILL TRADE FOR CHAD TO BE A BACKUP WITH HIS SALARY. Chad would have to redo his deal to have anyone even interested and he would be a total fool if he did that. WONT HAPPEN. Chad does not factor anything into the equation with Favre. If we trade for Favre we cut Chad it is that simple. There is no pracical way to move him right now. Chad will force the team to cut him and he will sign with whoever gives him the best oppotunity to make a play for a statrting gig. So Green Bay is asking for a 1st rounder and hoping to get a 2nd. For a second rounder I pass on this every day of the week and twice on Sunday. That second rounder is a potential 10 year starter for our defense - OR - That pick pacaged with the Vilma 3rd, Jets 3rd could get us another 1st rounder as we could likely trade up into the bottom of the 1st round again, or package any number of picks to move into position to get a elite WR at the very top of the draft. Something this team has missed since Al Toon was here. If you want to use second day picks as a form of currency I am fine with that. But rounds 1-3 is where you get your playmakers, and sometimes you luck out in the second day, but trading away your future for a guy who can come here and do nothing for a year is just stupid NFL FO management. Always has been, always will be.
  6. If it were to come out that the Pack offered up Favre for a ...wait for it.... FIRST ROUND PICK, and the Jets refused. LMFAO. If the Jets were to trade for Favre (mistake), and they gave up a 1st round pick to do it I will have lost a huge amount of faith in the intelligence of this front office. Favre is worth AT MOST a 3rd round pick. The guy gives you what 2 years at beast. AT BEST! And whats to say he doesn't come out this year and mail it in on his second team that he got traded to and then retire again. YEAH ABSOLUTELY, lets give up a 1st rounder for him. Short of him winning a SB with us, it is a waste of any pick. And I don't think this is a SB caliber team just yet. Even with Favre. So lets see, Favre for a year or 2, or a solid draft pick in next years class in a VERY DEEP Draft, especially at critical positions like WR, Oline, and the entire defense. Sure Brett Favre at 40 > Myron Rolle, Malcom Jenkins, Rey Malauga, Laurinitis, Tyson Jackson... Hell I dont think Favre is worth the potential talent that is going to be available in the 2nd round next year. F'ing media clowns are complete fools, and their idiocy colors the perception of the idiot fanbase that we are unfortunately lumped in with. So Joey Dumb**** from Brooklyn is going to be lighting up the airwaves pissing and moaning that we could have had Favre but didn't because the team wanted to build through the draft. And this is the same idiot who was agreeing with the media when we we were signing guys to big FA contracts in the offseason that you don't build a winner by giving out big contracts in FA. But now we should trade away draft picks to take on a guy with an absurd contract who is 40 years old. Sure makes sense to me. What a bunch of ass clowns.
  7. LOL - Gotta love the Beantown guy dealing out Asterisks... Terrific.
  8. Let us know about the rooks - VG obviously, Keller, Ainge, Henry, Nate and Lowery. Personally I don't care too much about Joe Noname from South East Kalamazoo College that we picked up as an UDFA. Media eats that sh*t up. I do not.
  9. Nobody knows what is going to happen, but luckily for us the FO knows better than to take that kind of ridiculously short sighted approach to the management of the team. 1 year, maybe 2 and then we are actually worse off at the QB position again once he leaves the game, again. You are right, this is a no brainer. Pass.
  10. Totally agree there. Not to mention the time it would have added to KCs development. Time under center is like putting money in the bank. This kid won't have any chance to be successful if he keeps getting yo-yo'ed in and out of the starting spot.
  11. LOL - But he tries REALLY hard, he's SOOOOO nice, he's a leader and all heart. Don't you want to see a guy like that start in the NFL even if it is at the expense of your favorite team??? C'mon. Be a pal and root for Chad. If you say no, than you sir are nothing more than a Chad bashing jerk. You just hate Chad, that's the only reason you can possibly say those things. I also believe you may be tied to al-queda.
  12. Well I'll assume he's making that up until we hear it from a credible media source.
  13. Haven't seen anything regarding him. I really hope he can develop for us. We need size BADLY at the WR position.
  14. I hear it may only be for 5 years. That would suck.
  15. He has everything you look for in a football player between the ears and with regard to heart and spirit. But he's not up to the task physically. That's a shame. But last I checked I only care about the team flag and not it's paid help. Nice guy, humanitarian, great role model. But sometimes you just gotta look at a bad investment and cut bait. There are other insurance policies that wont undermine the designated future QB simply by being on the roster. Why is this topic still alive anyway. If Eric and T stay true to form, they will have Clem as the starter asap. They are building this team the right way and logic alone tells you to develop a young QB and not rely on a injury risk, old and declining player. These guys have operated since day one in terms of the big picture. So why would they change direction now?
  16. I'd agree with you completely here. But I do get the anger towards Pennington. Guys who look more at the bigger picture get the fact that there is no future in Pennington. They want to move on ASAP and use the time in front of us developing a better option. They see Pennington as a go nowhere option that would keep us in a holding pattern. I am squarely in this camp as well. It's not hate towards the guy, its frustration over not making any progress. Yeah if he would have continued on the path he was headed in 2002 man we could have been having the conversation about who was better him, Manning or Brady. Hell maybe we would have kept the cheaters out of a SB or 2 along the way. Who knows? But the point is that didn't happen, the guy can not stay healthy and breaks don every time he takes a hard shot. So the frustration of seeing this team rely on this guy and watching us go nowhere, get built up around a systematic, short passing game and look like we might do something only to be let down again and again is beyond frustrating. I'm not looking to throw him under the bus necessarily, if things would have worked out differently I'd be praising him, but injuries are a BIG part of this game, and great QBs are also durable. This guy is battered, broken and beyond repair. It was time to turn the page the instant he retore his shoulder. It's now just pathetic how much this team is clinging to a guy who is just not going to be there when you need him. I'd rather take some lumps with Clemens and if he sucks go 4-12 again and take a shot at getting a real franchise QB rather than go 8-8, 10-6 and a be guaranteed a quick exit from the playoffs.
  17. Sup all. New poster here. If the Jets sign him for less than 6 I'll be very dissapointed. A few days of camp won't mean anything in the grand scheme of things. Stay firm Tanny. Lock him down for 6.
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