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  1. Not sure if he was the 1st, but I think Shaq did it. Might have even done, or suggested he would, twit during the game while on bench rest.
  2. Agreed, Best sacks will come from OLB and DE positions. Scott is our best cover LBer. Harris will be a top run defender, and while he will get some love in the sack column, it is not going to be enough to be relevant. Pace, Thomas, Gholston, Ellis those are your options, and any choice b/w Thomas/Gholston seem to dependent on who you think is going to start.
  3. Jets fans throwing in the towel again on a player after 1 year. I love it. A typical DE to 3-4 OLB transition takes what? 3 years? So everyone now deems Gholston a work out warrior and not a football player or whatever other cute cliche they can regurgitate from the Post? Please the truth is we have no idea what he is or isn't. And we won't until he is given the right opposrtunity. Mangini felt he wasn't able to be trusted as a full time OLB in coevrage and he was not utilized. I saw in his limited action a few pressures, a few overpursuits, and on some plays him just manning his assignment. They have been replaying the Tennesse game adnauseum on the NFL network, give it a look, he was decent and rushing the passer there and putting some pressure on Collins when he was in. And it tells me absolutely nothing. Nor should it it was very limited action. You guys would probably have called McNair a useless bust after his first year as well. It's crazy. What is he? We don't know. Look maybe he does bust, maybe he's an all pro, or maybe anything in between. How can anyone here say? All I know is he's a very talented athlete that has excelled at every stop in his football career. To those crying in their beer about how high he was picked, get a hold on reality. All the draft gets you is talent. You can go risk adverse and select another pro ready player with less raw talent and lower cieling or you can take a shot at a kid with all the tools to succeed but is very raw. We took the raw project and brought him along slowly. That would have been my plan too regardless of draft status and fan desire. And now your crying that he wasn't utilized and he's a bust. Well then who's your issue with? Mangini or the kid? I would always like my raw prospects to sit a year before putting them on the field. Huge risk reward play with Gholston. If he pans out the crazy rookie contract we paid to get him and train him will be a pittance. If he becomes an average OLB? Oh well he's already being paid as one. Big deal. Only way this hurts is if he busts. And nobody here or in the NY Hack Media has any idea on if that will happen.
  4. No gay nicknames are required. thank you very much Perez Hilton. What is this E! entertainment. It's Sanchez or Mark. Or Senor Swaggerliciouso.
  5. LOL - that's always been your ilks response...wahhh the Yankees fans are the same way.... Maybe. But they don't represent the entire city unlike your people. I can get on Yankees fans for their arrogance. But with the arrogance there is decency. They think they are better than you but you can actually have a decent conversation with them and they tend to be pretty knowledgable. But the one thing that you don't get is an immediate insult about how your team sucks and then some wiseass comment about how their team is so wicked awesome. They are arrogant, but they show some class and decency which is flat out missing out of the beantown. The fact that you don't get it from them speaks more about you than it does anyone else. Cause I know plenty of Dodgers, Philly, Cubs, and yes even Mets fans that interact quite nicely with Yankees fans. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they don't start up a discussion by assaulting the other guys team. You give respect, you get respect. You act like a douchebag, you get that returned in kind. Unfortunately, you losers have it in your DNA to be assh0les. It is some sort of birthright, you all would rather go somewhere and troll and annoy people because that is what defines you as a fanbase. It's pathetic. IMO that results in you not having any credibilty when you try and criticize any one player or any fanbase that you don't like or feel is on par with your team or whatever else. Boston on the whole seems to revel in being the classless douchebags, you all take part in it and it shows what kind of fans you all are imo.
  6. You people and your silly fixation on stats and numbers. Football is a team game and if you really want to enjoy it you shouldn't try to measure everything. .
  7. He's a very talented player. Can't be denied as such. Greatest, please. Great ones don't quit on routes and give up on teams and decide to play when they want to play. In the end he'll just be another ultra talented jerkoff in a long line of ultra talented jerkoffs.
  8. Count me in. But seriously this clowns claim to fame is getting Larry Johnson a great deal? Wow. That was a great move, considering how he had all the leverage and the chiefs had none. And the deal was average. King Carl must have been laughing his ass off after the negotiations. Signed a six-year, $45.05 million contract. The deal contains $19 million guaranteed, including $12.5 million signing bonus. 2009: $4.55 million (+ $100,000 workout bonus + $62,500 per-game roster bonuses), 2010: $5 million (+ $1 million roster bonus due 3/1 + $100,000 workout bonus + $62,500 per-game roster bonuses), 2011: $5.3 million (+ $1 million roster bonus due 3/1 + $100,000 workout bonus + $62,500 per-game roster bonuses), 2012: $5.9 million (+ $1 million roster bonus due 3/1 + $100,000 workout bonus + $62,500 per-game roster bonuses), 2013: Free Agent. Cap charge: $7.596 million (2009). So by doing the math and working backwards: Base Salary still not yet realized: 4.55+5+5.3+5.9=20.75 Workout bonuses: 400K+4 Mill in per game bonuses. 3 Million dollars in roster bonuses. Prorated Signing bonus (assuming flat) = 8,333,333.00 That's 36.49 Million still on the table. 45.05-36.49= 9.56 over the past 2 years. Not bad, and then you factor in 19 million guaranteed (With a ? on how that's structured and how much of the guaranteed dollars are already paid) But here's the rub. He's 29. There is no shot in hell he ever see's the latter part of this deal. If this deal continues I think he makes it to the end of this year and nets out about 20Million with guaranteed dollars factoring in whioch I can only assume was frontloaded, and those million dollar roster bonuses set to hit in 2010 tells me they never planned on keeping him once he hit the 30 mark. It's an ok deal, but they are making it out to be some sort of blockbuster deal that put this loser on the map. But with the amount of leverage LJ had back in 2007 and the stats he was producing and the Chiefs desperate to keep him because he and Gonzo were the only legitimate players they had, color me unimpressed. But now Keels can go out and shout about how he made LJ the highest paid RB ever. Sure in monopoly money that might be true. Anyway See you all at the pool party. I hear it's gonna be off the chain.
  9. My pay is decent, I COULD afford to keep my tickets, but I think I'd rather send my kid to college than line Ol Woody's pockets. So F* him.
  10. God I loathe twitter and all of it's self absorbed users.
  11. LOL - the conversation begins and ends with Jerry Rice imo.
  12. Late to the conversation here, and I'm not going to start going 6-7 pages deep on the posts to catch up, sorry...but imo the only true rivalry is the Jets-Dolphins. I hate the Dolphins more than any other team in the league. The Dolphins screwed us out of the playoffs and we beat the hell out of each other and it was always a vicious battle when those 2 teams lined up. Still is imo. There is pure hate there on the field. Patsies, I don't care as much about the team. When we were good they sucked, while we have been pissing around and hamstrung with garbage coaches leading talented teams, they have had their success. The "rivalry" is about their FO and our FO having a pissing contest over coaches and players. 2 billionaires with a grudge doesn't constitute a rivalry. Do I like seeing a division team have success? No. Not generally. I disliked the Bills when they were great, I dislike the Patsies now, but as soon as the Pats fall they will be dropped by the wayside for me. Now if you asked me which fanbase I hated more it is no contest. Boston fans are the worst in the US by a wide margin. Grand canyon wide. No class, no respect of the game, no good sports conversations, inability to see the big picture, overall just an abhorant bunch. Save for the few fans who were there before all of the bandwagonneers. Or the "weekday" Sox fans - those that have been true diehards for years and years and still have humility and class - let's call them 10% of the population. Those folks are the salt of the earth types. Too bad there is a silent minority of them vs. the overwhelming majority of trash that city has to offer. Miami fans generally consist of the poor white trash that has been scattered around southern florida, surrounded by all of the NY fans that retired in the nice areas. LOL. But on the whole Miami fans are fairly innocuous, other than the fact that they hate us.
  13. No, He's always a good interview though. Any insight?
  14. Examples of Ray Lew and Little are poor at best. Ray did not kill anyone and the involvement in any stabbing is unclear at best. All we know is that he refused to assist the authorities in any way, and was guilty of non-compliance with an investigation. Not defending it, but that is all we know. If someone can show his actual involvement in the crime itself, I'd appreciate a link o read it for myself. Little is a drunk and guilty of vehicular manslaughter and gross negligence and disregard for peoples safety. He should have gotten more imo. Either way, there is no comparison imo because this is about intent. Did Little intend to kill someone, clearly no. It doens't make it ok, but the behaviour is selfish and and criminal and justawful, but not sociopathic. Did Lewis go and say to his posse I'm going over here, I want you to stab so and so? Well, I don't know and I can't say. All I know was that he was not involved directly in any assault and he did not comply with authorities. Not great, but, if your friends killed someone would you turn them in or help put them in jail? Tough one to wag the finger at. But we have no idea how involved Ray was or was not. Again I'm open to be proven wrong, but his actual crime was not on par with any of this is my point. Vick for 6 years showed the kind of treatment to a living thing that is associated with serial killers. It's not the same as hunting, or putting a race horse down or anything else of the like. Vick deserves to be a free man after serving his time. THAT is his second chance. He should not be rewarded with more attention and money. Let him go earn like every other convict. Would you hire a guy fresh out of prison? I wouldn't. That's why I perform background checks on all my hires. Why should the NFL?
  15. Let me simplify it then. The Pats are proven cheaters. Any mention of them breaking rules is going to get attention and lots of it. They continue to operate with no class and will be chastised as such until they get rid of their coach who feels he can flagrantly disobey the rules and interpret them to meet his win at all cost and by any means possible approach. They go out with intent to injure players on the other team under the guise of "playing hard" and then act incredulously when caught and fined. Please, you patsie fans are pathetic, keep drinking the kool aid and towing the company lines as fed to you by your absurd beantown sports media. All in unison now...in belecheck we trast... Fackin awful fanbase. Funny how much you were against teams like your own awhen you were all losahs yourself...Grow up and STFU.
  16. Well, as they say...ask a stupid question...get a stupid answer. Pointless thread/non-arguement.
  17. Nah. Win clean . Would you really like to win a SB, live the life as a superfan riding high, then have it come out the following year that you cheated? Not me.
  18. I'd just rather win with class and not consistently take cheap shots at other teams QBs knees. Oh and I'd also prefer a SB, even if it is only one, so long as it is won cleanly to your 3 under the taint of cheating.
  19. Wow another Mass-hole stirring the turd. Just a bit more and you'll have trolled for 15000 posts. Impressive display of free time on another teams message board.
  20. Enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUJ4mVW3rE0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5laVmkrUEEI
  21. That's awful. Note to Sanchez and Greene. No more EZ celebrations.
  22. I think his draft record speaks for itself. 3 all pro Dlineman, 1 6th round goldmine, some average Olineman, and 2 very good DBacks. Then a litany of mediocre players that fit in well to his system that can be coached up to produce results higher than the sum of its parts. Belly's "genius" is his ability to manage a game and implement a system that can take advantage of players strengths and protect against their weaknesses. His planning and ability to design the system to fit the talent is fantastic. His ability to identify and draft great players is not a strength. He's much better at getting players in FA and putting them into his scheme. And yes, without Brady it is not possible to have the amount of success he did have. (too bad it all got tarnished by cheating....bwahahahaha) This whole master manipulator of the draft title is beyond stupid.
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