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  1. It is possible though that they thought he was going to fall in their laps and didn't see the need for jumping anyone. Let's not make Bill Bellicheck some infallible omnicient being when it comes to the draft. It's very possible he just miscalcultaed the demand and got his targeted player taken a few spots ahead of him. You don't want to sound like some idiot Patsie homer now. Dismissing it because they had the ammo to get the deal done without any knowledge of what goes on in their war room is absurd. It's like taking any arguement out of the boston sheeple fan's playbook. Standard arguement #1: If the pats did (x) it was wicked smaht. If they didn't do (X) they was playing everybody else and using misdirection. X=anything.
  2. You may be thinking of Ed Gein. As for Michael, we would be his 4th team in 4 years. And his last team went 0-16. Ehh who cares. Bring him on. We have a DE playing TE right now.
  3. The short answer is that the 5 tech means he lines up directly in front of the OT. 5--0--5 TGCGT http://gsimmons85.blogspot.com/2009/04/3-4-defense-remix-part-7-all-over-again.html I just googled 50 front and got this one. It looks pretty good. May not have all the answers, but it's a start. Best breakdown I ever saw in print was in DR.Z's book, "The Thinking Man's Guide to Pro Football." It walks you through the defenses of the different Era and teaches you how they progressed naturally into the fronts you see today. http://www.amazon.com/New-Thinking-Mans-Guide-Football/dp/0671602764 Must read.
  4. He's a great DE prospect FOR THE STEELERS imo. His role at school was reported as more of a 3 tech gap shooting monster. Steelers play more of that 1 gap responsibility type of 3-4. He looks like a terrific guy to play your version of the 3-4. I'm not sure he'd be as great a fit for the Belly/Mangini "50" version though probably could adapt. For what you guys do I would think he's a more natural fit. As always Steelers draft to meet their scheme and don't worry about the rankings and ratings. Looks like they got another winner.
  5. Why do you root for this team again? You miserable bastard you...
  6. You guys will likely have to forfeit some more picks so you should probably factor that in now.
  7. I'm a terps fan. I didn't want him in the 1st, but would have loved him in the 2nd. Oh well. Poor bastard.
  8. Almost. But still don't. F them and their loser fans. I feel just awful that my boy DHB is stuck on that lost cause.
  9. There's some koolaid left in your cup. Make sure you drink it all. Lap it up. Go on.
  10. I agree, but he's dumb for doing that. Those 2 complement each other perfectly. Boldin and Fitzy would be best served staying together.
  11. Compact, agile, stong, possession WRs, great at creating YACs, both play the SE position the same way (not that the distinction b/w flanker and SE matter anymore but we are talking similarities here). Boldin is a better version of Cotch right now. Boldin has break down potential and is older. So yeah I am seriously comparing them.
  12. Maybe, but there are other teams involved too. For a 2nd yes, he's worth it. Not a fit necessarily in that he is the exact same type of reciever as Cotch, but he'll make the team better and for a 2nd it's realistic. Now does Zona feel they can get a player they like as part of the deal from another team? If so then we are out of the game before it starts unless you feel like overpaying in picks, which it is clear this team (correctly) won't do. It would be nice to get him, but I won't hold my breath on this one.
  13. That was actually confirmed by KC that they wanted to trade up to leap the Jets but King Carl said they didn't offer enough.
  14. Why do you volunteer to pay more than necessary?
  15. Not sure I agree. Fishies and Jets are a true rivalry imo. That was born on the field. Two teams killing each other and having monumnetal battles that were exciting and left the teams dying on the field. We got in each others way all the time and both had the talent to win it all but always ended up cutting each other out of the chance to do it. That is a pure rivalry imo. Both of you have to be competing for the same thing and both have to cross each other consistently to get there with both sides havingg success. Jets and Patsies rivalry consists of 2 things. First is EGO. Egotistical General Managers and coaches looking to one up each other take each others players and assistants and the 2 egotistical owners poaching talent from one another. Tuna Belly Mangini Martin blah blah blah....There was never really a time where they both were good teams at the same time imo. The rivalry has been one sided mostly in their favor since the post Tuna days. It's not that interesting if you look at it on its own merit. The second thing that makes the rivalry is location and outside forces. This is a forced Boston/NY rivalry stemming from baseball. Just because we occupy the same division and have rival teams in another sport, and Beantown has a stick up its ass about living in the shadows of NYC, there is this forced hate between the 2 teams (or any Noston/NY teams as a result. So yeah it's a rivalry because we choose to make it one. It's not a true rivalry on its own merit. I would call the Patsies and Colts true rivals more so than I would call them and us.
  16. Who cares what they do? They haven't been drafting great lately anyway. And honestly, now with Mangini out of the picture and Rex in the mix, we can operate without the ties to that team. Let bellicheck and his sawed off little prick hold his little petty grudge and try to preempt us and do whatever he needs to. Just draft according to the board and don't worry about what anyone else does. To be honest the only thing that makes this of interest to me is the potential for them to thin out the 3-4 talent at the top of the draft, someone like Tyson who I have slim hope may fall to us.
  17. Neither would surprise me. Though I think Tyson Jackson could be a target with Seymour on the way out. DE/OLB is also a need for them with Vrabel gone, so why not Orakpo?
  18. If he came out this year? No. Too green. If it were next year Bradford progresses as everyone expects him to, and Snachez and Stafford stayed home and all 3 came out together? Probably in that scenario he is the #1 QB on the board imo.
  19. I'll take Bit's word on Perry, he's a fan of Ole Miss. And by all other accounts Perry's a 4-3 guy as well. Swap out Tyson Jackson if he's there and we have another anchor in the 3-4 Dline. Robiskie I LOVE. If we can get him we are in great shape. He has all the tools to be a #1 WR. Anyone who thinks he has no deep ball ability isn't paying attention. He made plays consistently down the field for OSU. Moreso than Teddy Ginn. Also his maturity, drive and determination is rare among WRs. Jennings I like, but I like all the RBs this year. Deep class. If we were able to hold out and get him or Andre Brown or Shonn Greene in the 3rd I'd be happy. Even more happy if they were there in the 4th.
  20. About the same as TJ holding out, Leon demanding a trade, and our next draft pick breaking a leg at the smae time?
  21. Don't know how to answer that one. How big a spark are you talking? Elam sparked a bit...So did Brad Smith when we needed to keep a drive going. You get my point... But if you are referring to the little sparkplug #80, than no we haven't seen that kind of hin in a while. And I doubt we ever see it again.
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